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3 Ways to Increase Construction Site Security In Indianapolis


Construction sites in Indianapolis are prime targets for thieves. They don’t have the luxury of enclosed walls, a roof, or ample lighting. These construction sites contain construction equipment, lumber, steel, copper, and other materials that are valuable - and unsecured. Here are three ways to increase your Indianapolis construction site’s security!

1. Add Fencing, Locks, And Signs

Fencing the building site is the first step in deterring crime. A fence is a tangible obstacle that will make thieves think twice before trespassing. Better yet, lock up that fence and add security signs. Yes, the fence can be jumped, the lock can be broken, and the warning sign can be ignored. But at first glance, your Indianapolis construction site looks secure.

2. Install Metal Theft Monitoring

Steel, copper, and other valuable metals that are involved in the construction process are at risk of being stolen at any time. What’s even worse is that most of these materials don’t have identification numbers for each item. This makes it difficult to keep track of them if they’re stolen. 

Metal theft monitoring for construction sites in Indy includes tilt sensors and wireless door sensors. Tilt sensors are wired up to air conditioning units - and any similar units on site. If someone tries to pick up the unit (and carry it away), the tilt sensor activates the alarm and alerts the police.

Sometimes construction crews will store their tools in mobile storage units overnight. The unit doors are closed and locked at the end of the work day. We install wireless door sensors so if someone tries to access the tools after the system’s been armed, they set off an alarm. This keeps your tools safe from theft, and your construction site secure.

3. Set Up Video Surveillance

If your construction site has walls up, you can set up video cameras to keep an eye on the property. Security cameras are available as dome or bullet, indoor or outdoor, wired or wireless - based on your needs. And you can connect them to a remote services app such as Total Connect to get live footage on your smartphone. The recorded footage is excellent evidence that helps IMPD catch the thief - and restore your materials. 

Total Connect also offers video notifications. If suspicious activity triggers a motion detector, video cameras record footage and send it directly to your smartphone. This way, you can review it right then and there - and notify the police!

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