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Are Home Security Signs Effective At Preventing Theft In Indy?


You’ve seen home security signs planted in front yards around your Indy neighborhood. And you might have wondered if they stand for actual alarm systems or if they’re just for show. If they’re fake home security signs, are they effective at preventing theft?

When we install home security systems in Indianapolis, we provide homeowners with a sign and decals with our protective shield. So we know a thing or two on whether home security system signs are effective at preventing theft in Indy.

Indy Home Security Signs

How They’re Effective At Deterring Crime

Home security signs are inexpensive. Whether you buy them at a store or get free ones from a security provider, they’re a relatively cheap way to give the impression that an alarm system is installed in the house.

A potential thief will see the sign in the front yard or the decal sticker on the door’s side window when they approach the house. More times than not, they will think twice before breaking in.

The risk of setting off an alarm and attracting the police’s attention is not worth it for a thief. So the illusion of an alarm system can be quite effective in this case. But that might not be true when an experienced criminal is involved.

How They’re Not Effective At Catching Criminals

To the trained eye, home security yard signs and window decals are not enough. Seasoned criminals know to look for signs of security cameras, an alarm system, and motion detectors. And if you don’t have these home security system components, the thief is likely to ignore the home security signs.

Most importantly, having fake home security signs won’t help catch the criminal in action. You need a motion detector that will sense suspicious activity in the house. A glass break detector is helpful if the thief chooses to enter through a window. And make sure to have these detectors connected to a security panel so IMPD can be alerted immediately.

But the most effective way to catch criminals red-handed is to install security cameras. They record footage of break-ins that help police identify and apprehend the thieves faster. But if you’re contemplating setting up fake security cameras, think again.

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