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The Best App For Security Control Systems In Indianapolis


Security control systems in Indianapolis vary in features and options. The best one we’ve seen is Honeywell’s Total Connect. It comes with an easy to use app that allows for remote access and home automation. Protect your Indy home with Total Connect’s security control system - and app!

How The Total Connect Security Control System In Indianapolis Works

Access Security Cameras Remotely With Total Connect 

You can access the Total Connect security control system through the app. The Total Connect app was recently updated to bring you the latest remote services and home automation options right at your fingerprints. The best part of the updated app is the Touch ID option for Apple devices. The best security app in Indianapolis just became even more secure.

This security control system connects with your security cameras, security keypad, Z-wave enabled lights and locks, and thermostat. And it allows you to control all of these items from one app!

You can give certain household members access to the app to take advantage of Total Connect’s home automation. For details on how to add multiple users to the app, read this article.

The Total Connect security control system helps keep your Indy home safe by notifying you of potential security gaps. For example, event triggers send you a text or email message whenever the doors are locked or unlocked. And video event triggers send you a message with a video clip from the security cameras based on a preset time. When you combine Total Connect with security cameras, you can go to work without worrying about kids, elderly parents, pets, or delivered packages.

Keep An Eye On Your Kids In Indy

Did your kid make it home safely after school? Login to the Total Connect app and view the video clip of them walking through the front door. If they did not enter the house at the predetermined time, the app will send you an alert. That’s the beauty of video event triggers!

Here’s how to set up your security control system to notify you when your child does not come home from school.

Keep An Eye On Your Elderly Parents In Indy

Did your elderly parent take their medicine on time? Did the caretaker arrive on time? Get all the answers by logging in to your Total Connect app and viewing video clips of all those events. This security control system app is the best way to check on your loved ones while you’re away.

Keep An Eye On Your Pets In Indy

Did your pet eat today? Did the pet sitter take them for their daily walk? No need to stress about your furry friend while at work. Total Connect sends you email messages with video clips from security cameras so you can check in on your pets!

Keep An Eye On Your Delivered Packages In Indy

Did the package you ordered get delivered on time? Get live footage of the package from your security camera as it’s being dropped off at your front door. And check in to make sure it’s still there. The Total Connect security control system can help you catch a package thief red-handed.

How To Get A Security Control System For Your Indy Home

Easy! Take this home security assessment to find out what your security needs are. Then, contact the professionals at Guardhouse Security at (317) 661-4048. We’ll have you set up with a state-of-the-art security control system in Indianapolis in no time - and show you how to get the most out of your new Total Connect app.