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As you’re looking for a home security solution, we’re here to answer any questions you may have. With over 18 years’ of experience, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process of building a security solution that’s right for you. Call or e-mail us today and we can start you on the road to protecting your home.

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We chose Guardhouse for the security setup in our home. Since they're a local company, it gave us comfort knowing that we'd get the service that some of the large providers couldn't possibly offer. Our technician, Jim, was able to customize a system specifically for our home and the needs of my family. Basically, it provides us with the peace of mind we really wanted and needed. Since the first installation, Jim has been out numerous times to answer my questions and add some new features to our setup.

We've been with them now for over five years and couldn't be more pleased with the level of customer service we receive.

Thanks Jim!

Mark Dubec - Mark Dubec Fishers