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Are Business Security Cameras an Invasion of Privacy?


There are multiple reasons to consider security cameras and video surveillance for your Indiana business: deterring theft, promoting a safe work environment among employees, monitoring job progress, and more. A question tends to pop up from time to time, however: “Are security cameras an invasion of privacy?”

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Like most things in business, that answer isn’t always quite black and white. To make sure you balance your business’s security as well as the privacy of yourself and those around you, keep some of the these things in mind.

Public vs. Private Property & Video Surveillance in Indiana

There is one place where the answer to that common question is fairly easy to navigate. In any public space, a reasonable expectation of privacy can’t really be assumed and therefore there’s no issue with having video security systems in place. 

That means that outdoors, like the exterior entrance or exit to your building, are reasonable places to place security monitoring equipment, providing security utility without the possibility of interfering with privacy.

What Is A “Reasonable Expectation of Privacy?”

While the laws on video surveillance for businesses vary from state to state, in Indiana it’s typically unlawful to place security video cameras in any place where those being recorded (customers, employees, or anyone else) would have a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” This typically means places such as restrooms, changing or locker rooms, and employee break rooms. Most other areas such as workspaces, factory floors, retail floors and so on are not typically associated with having an expectation of privacy, either for employees or customers.

One uncommon but still important area where surveillance equipment is not allowed is anywhere in which organized labor practices may take place, even if these happen in the workplace.

How To Manage Privacy When Installing Video Cameras

Honeywell Ball Camera from Guardhouse Security IndianapolisIn Indianapolis especially, it’s fairly easy to make sure your video security processes are in accordance with the law. What we recommend is going even a step further with some business security camera best practices to facilitate a safe and trustworthy space for you, your employees and your customers:

  • If installing new camera systems or bringing on new employees, make sure they know that cameras are in place and what they’re for. Not only can this absolve any worries of invading privacy, but it can also help build trust and ease any employee tensions.
  • Make sure security cameras are easily visible to employees and customers alike. This can help everyone feel a little bit safer knowing the security equipment is in place, and can help deter inappropriate activities.
  • Use common sense in both what cameras you choose and where you place them in your business.

Let’s Talk

Like we said, the solution isn’t black and white. Thankfully, you’re not alone when it comes to balancing security and privacy for your Indianapolis business. Call Guardhouse Security at 317-602-5777 today to talk to a security pro about the best way you can keep both of those in check.