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Catch A Thief Red Handed - With Video Cameras

FedEx Package Delivery Thief Caught On Home Security Camera In Indianapolis

photo credit: WhatDaveSees via photopin cc

A FedEx package was delivered to the front door of an Indianapolis home. Then, a complete stranger walked up to the house, grabbed the package, shook it, and opened it up. He looked around - even glanced at the security camera. Then, he reached in for the jewelry inside and ran off.

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Good thing that homeowner had a security camera set up. He posted a clip with the photo of the culprit on Facebook. Within hours, a detective of the Indianapolis police department recognized the thief, spotted him in an alley, and was able to bring him in for questioning.

Having a modern security system with video camera capabilities allowed this homeowner to catch the thief red-handed. Not only was the placement of the camera crucial, but also the advanced technology that allowed for a clear enough image of the burglar.

The variety and range of security cameras available these days is bigger and better than ever. You can even get real-time, live footage on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. We compiled a quick guide on the different types of home security cameras. Check it out here.

I’ve installed hundreds of security systems with Guardhouse, and I know that every Indianapolis home is different, each with unique security needs. And, I take those needs into consideration when putting together a security plan. Video cameras have proved time and time again their effectiveness in preventing break-ins and catching thieves. They’re always on my list of recommendations to homeowners.

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With video cameras installed, a thief might think twice about robbing your home. And, if they don’t notice the well-placed camera, you might just catch them in the act.