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5 Signs Your Security System Needs An Upgrade


If you’ve read this WTHR story about neighbors taking a stand against crime in Indianapolis like I just did, you’re probably reaching for your phone and calling your own neighbor to check that your house and you belongings are still there. And, maybe you’re realizing you need to upgrade your security system.

Here are 5 signs your security system needs an upgrade:

You don’t have security cameras

5 Signs Your Security System Needs An Upgrade: You don't have security cameras

When your security provider installed your alarm system, you were so good at refusing any add ons - including security cameras. You were excited about the door and window sensors that connected to the control panel - and the fire alarms that came with it. But, now that you realize that thieves can break in and walk away with all your valuables, you wish you had requested security cameras to be included.

Good news! You can call your security provider and have them install security cameras, inside and outside your house for maximum coverage. This way, you can capture the burglars’ faces and help the police identify them. Read more about the different types of available cameras here.

You don’t have monitored fire alarms

 When you moved into your house, you knew that there were fire alarms installed on each level. You might have even tested them every once in a while. But, if your house is like most in Indianapolis, you probably have battery operated smoke alarms that are not monitored. These beep when they sense smoke, alerting the household to fire. However, they don’t notify the fire department to send firefighters.

Monitored fire alarms send a signal to a central station near your home that contacts the fire department and dispatches a fire truck right to your location. This is great, especially when you’re not home and a fire breaks out. You won’t have to come back to a burned down residence. Read more about the different types of smoke alarms here.

You don’t get email and text message notifications

You weren’t the last one to leave the house, but you have no idea is the alarm has been safely armed for the day. You can worry about it at work - or you can upgrade your system to include email and text message notifications. The control panel can send you alerts based on triggers you set up. If you’re interested in Honeywell’s Total Connect services, here’s how to set up simple event notifications.

5 Signs Your Security System Needs An Upgrade: You can't adjust the temperature from your phone

You can’t adjust the temperature from your smartphone

Whether you’re at work or laying comfortably in bed, you want to be able to control the thermostat without having to physically reach for it. That’s what your smartphone is for! With apps such as Total Connect, you can adjust the house’s temperature right from your phone or computer. You can also set up the lights and the locks in your home to be controlled by the same app. Learn how to get smart with home automation.

You don’t have environmental sensors

What are environmental sensors? They’re instruments that are placed around your house to detect gases and water that may cause great damage to the house and to your loved ones. Flood sensors will alert you when there is a water leak. Heat detectors signals a rise in temperature likely caused by fire. Carbon monoxide detectors let you know if there is a poisonous gas leak.

All these environmental sensor may already exist in your house. But, your system needs an upgrade if these sensors aren’t connected to your remote access app. With a remote access app like Honeywell’s Total Connect, you can receive alerts right to your smartphone when a sensor detects a dangerous situation. This gives you the chance to save your belongings and your family.

Ready to upgrade your security system? Find out what your house’s security needs are with this quick assessment.