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5 Ways To Improve Home Safety While Spring Cleaning


Spring is here, and it’s time to clean the house from attic to basement. While you’re washing the windows and reorganizing the garage, take a few minutes to do the following things to improve your home’s safety.

1. Change The Air Filter

The beginning of spring is a good time to change your furnace air filter. It’s been working hard filtering out dust, pet dander, and mold spores throughout the cold Indianapolis winter. If the filter is dark and clogged, you need to replace it immediately.

Leaving a dirty air filter past its lifetime puts you and your family at a fire hazard. The buildup on the filter blocks ventilation and may cause a gas furnace to set it on fire as it sparks on.

2. Test The Smoke Detector

Whether you have a battery operated detector or an AC powered one, smoke detectors need to be tested so they’re ready to alert you in case of a fire. Here’s instructions on how to test your smoke detector.

While you have the duster within reach, you’ll want to clear away any spiderwebs or dirt that are covering the detector and its vents.

3. Check House Numbers

Every seconds counts in an emergency. You’ll want responders to easily find your house. So, next time you pull into your driveway at night, make sure your house numbers are clearly visible from the street. Policemen and EMTs shouldn’t have to squint or second guess your location.

Pick up reflective house numbers at any home improvement store to make recognizing your address easier at night.

4. Install Outdoor Lights

If you don’t have outdoor lights already, now is the time to install some. Burglars take a dark, unlit home as an invitation to rob the place. You can use low-watt compact fluorescent or LED bulbs to keep the front and back of the house well-lit while saving energy.

Outdoor lights range from low-voltage pathway lights to motion detector flood lights. You can choose what fits your house needs best without sacrificing security.

If you already have outdoor lights, it’s good to dust off any cobwebs and wipe off any squashed bugs and dirt. This allows the light to transmit with clarity.

5. Look Into Home Alarms

If your Indianapolis home doesn’t already have a home alarm installed, you’ll want to consider your security system options. As the weather gets warmer, crime tends to increase. Start by finding out exactly what your house needs with this assessment. Then, decide if this is something you can do yourself or if you need a local security provider.

If you already have a home alarm set up, you should consider upgrading the system to include functions such as home automation and remote services.

Now, your home is clean - and on the road to being secure. To find out what your Indianapolis home needs to be completely secure, take this quick assessment.