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Security Tips For Hosting A Garage Sale In Indianapolis

Security Tips For Hosting A Garage Sale In Indianapolis

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You’re hosting a garage sale this weekend in Indianapolis, and you want to make sure you’re doing it right. You’ve collected all the items and made sure you have cash on hand. You can set up all the signs and still forget about this one important thing: security.

No one tells you about the risk of hosting a garage sale. Someone might walk away with valuables without paying. While you’re busy making change, someone can sneak into your backyard or even the inside of your house. How do you keep an eye on your buyers while securing your home?

Outdoor Security Cameras

A weather resistant camera can capture footage of people approaching and entering the house. You’ll want to place one at every entrance/exit to your home.

Indoor Security Cameras

An indoor camera can capture footage of a person entering and removing a valuable from your home. If you have kids or elderly who are watching television or doing other activities while you’re conducting the garage sale, the camera helps keep an eye on them. This is especially true if you have remote services through your security provided.

Total Connect allows you to stream live footage from a video camera right to your smartphone. You can be selling that first generation playstation while making sure your kids aren’t trashing the living room. Visit this page for more information on Total Connect services.

Door And Window Contacts

A thin contact transmitter attached discreetly to doors and windows. It detects if someone opens the bedroom window for example - or the patio door - and, it can alert you immediately. This is great when you’re in the middle of negotiating the price of the pink bicycle your daughter outgrew - and can’t be bothered to personally monitor every window and door.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors let you know if someone went up or down the stairs to the second floor or the basement when you don’t expect them to. This could be a child or a wandering neighbor. Either way, you’ll want to know right away to avert any disasters.

Security Sign/Sticker

A security system sign in your yard is your first defence against possible thieves. A sticker by the door is another mental reinforcement for people as they try to go into the house. They might correctly guess that you have disarmed the system. But, the sign and sticker will make them think twice.

Now that you’ve secured your Indy home, you’re ready to sell your stuff with peace of mind.

To find out what your Indianapolis home needs to be completely secure, take this quick assessment.