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Get Smart with Home Automation


Honeywell Total Connect Home Automation on SmartphoneIf your home could talk, what would it say? You would want it to tell you if a valuable has been moved, a door has been opened, or a flood has been detected. As a homeowner, all you need to stay in the know and in control is a laptop or a smartphone. Even if you just want to check on the babysitter or elderly relatives, home automation products help you get smart with remote security access.


Z-Wave* enabled thermostat control is a great way to save money on energy and utility bills and lead a more efficient lifestyle. From your computer and/or smartphone, you can remotely control the thermostats. For added comfort, convenience, and energy savings, you can set schedules and conditions. If the temperature is raised or lowered outside of the schedule, you will receive a notification.


Not only are you going to want to set the scenes and schedules for energy savings but also for ambience and security. Your smartphone has become a remote light switch. In addition, you can easily track activity and get alerts if a light is turned on or off.


From wherever you are, you can remotely monitor and control the Z-Wave enabled locks to your home. Forget about making multiple copies of keys anymore. At any time, you can instantly grant access to relatives, neighbors, babysitters, housekeepers, and dog walkers. Whenever a door is locked or unlocked, you can receive a notification.

Now that the locks are controlled remotely, what about doing the same with the security system itself? Interactive security services allow you to remotely control many functions of your alarm system from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Arming, disarming, and monitoring your system is just one click away.


Whether you want to view live, streaming video of the nursery, look in on your pets, or check if a senior loved one has left the premises, video remote access provides you with the ultimate peace of mind. I recommend a video system that offers secure communications and firewall-friendly video streaming, web-based camera configuration, and event-driven video notification with adjustable motion detection technology.

Honeywell Total Connect

The system I trust and install the most in Indianapolis homes is the Lynx 5100 Touchscreen Control Panel with Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 remote interactive services. It works with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Using the free app available through the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store, you can view the keypad, status, and zones at a glance. You can also control your lighting, thermostats, door locks, and view video from your smartphone or PC with this app.

The intuitive prompts are simple to make, and the graphic icons are easy to read. The real-time connection automatically provides true system status. The virtual keypad offers one-touch bypass and delivers full functionality. The system is easy-to-use and reliable.

With all these options to sync your house’s activities, it’s easier than ever to not only automate daily functions but also track activities right in the palm of your hand. So, why not get smart and put control of your home at your fingertips?

* Z Wave is a wireless communications technology designed for home automation. It is used to remotely control applications in residential environments using a low-power radio frequency transmitter embedded or retrofitted into home electronics devices and systems.