Home Security Assessment: Why Does The Number Of Stairwells Matter?
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Home Security Assessment: Why Does The Number Of Stairwells Matter?


How does the number of stairwells affect your choice in a home security system.If you've taken a home security system assessment (like the one here), you might notice that one of the questions asks you about the number of stairwells in your residence. This might seem like an odd thing to want to know when estimating how many motion detectors your house or apartment needs.

First, the assessment asks you for your zip code. And, that one makes sense. The security company wants to know where to send a technician if you decide to hire them. Then, it asks you how many levels is your home. This one seems intuitive too. The alarm company is trying to figure out the space they're working with.

Now, they ask you to do some math. I know. You thought your days of counting and remembering are behind you. How many exterior doors? How many windows? How many stairwells?

And, while you're sitting there, eyes closed, brain wracked, you're about to quit this seemingly silly quiz. Why does this assessment want to know so much about my home? The security company hasn't even stepped on my property yet.

In Indianapolis, homes range from multi-story houses to studio apartments. Treating these residences equally from a security standpoint would be shortsighted. The assessment exists to give the security technicians a good idea of the place they're walking into. This way, they can bring the right equipment.