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What Indy Homeowners Need To Know About Total Connect's Touch ID

Honeywell Total Connect Touch ID

When Honeywell released the updated Total Connect app, they wanted to make sure that Apple iOS device users in Indy can use Touch ID to login to the app itself. Touch ID allows users to log in with a fingerprint instead of a username and password. And Touch ID adds a much-needed layer of security when combined with a home automation and remote services app like Total Connect.

With more and more Apple users of Honeywell Total Connect having a Touch ID enabled device, the updated Total Connect app was sure to have a Touch ID feature.

More Secure

If someone gets a hold of your phone and wishes to access your home security system through Total Connect, he can’t just press the login button or enter a password. He has to have your fingerprint. This way, your Indianapolis house remains secure.

Apple Device Ready

Touch ID is available on the iPhone 5s, 6, and 6 Plus as long as it's running iOS 8 platform or above. It’s also supported on the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 - and tablet generations after those.

Easy Setup

You will be prompted about using Touch ID the first time you log in to the Honeywell Total Connect app with “remember me” selected. When you select “yes”, the username and password are stored and you’ll be able to use your fingerprint to login to the app in the future.

Now that Touch ID is enabled, you will be presented with the Touch ID login overlay every time you open the Total Connect app. From the overlay, you can hold your fingerprint on the iOS home button to automatically log in. And just like that, you’re no longer required to enter username and password.

Can Be Switched Off

If you don’t like the new Touch ID feature or you’ve accidentally switched it on, you can switch it off. All you have to do is select the “more” option in the navigation bar and then select Touch ID. Now you can use the standard remember me/login functionality again.

Touch ID is a great addition to the Total Connect app 2.0 that protects your Indy home. Find out how you can make your home more secure by taking this quick assessment.