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3 Ways Eating Pizza Impacts Your Home Security In Indianapolis

3 Ways Eating Pizza Impacts Your Home Security In Indianapolis

photo credit: veggie styles via photopin (license)

Living in Indy, you love pizza. Whether it’s from the Pizzology on Mass Ave. or Bazbeaux in Carmel, you savor every cheesy bite. What you might not realize is how much the delicious act of eating pizza is connected to your home’s security.

Having a pizza delivered? Baking your own at home? Watch out for these three ways eating pizza impacts your home security:

1. Stranger Danger

You’ve ordered your pie from your favorite store, and you can’t wait for it to get to you. Every time you hear noise outside, you wonder if that’s the delivery person. If the doorbell rings, you automatically open the door - arms wide open. What if the person at the door wasn’t your trusted delivery person?

Burglars - and other people that wish you harm - might take advantage of the fact that your guard’s down. They could be trying to break in - and, you rush to the door and end up helping them with their task.

The best way to avoid any mishaps is to install security cameras at your front door. Even better? Connect your wireless security cameras to a remote services app. An app like Total Connect allows you to access live video from the front door camera on your phone or your computer. This way, when you hear a suspicious noise at the door - or an unexpected doorbell, you won’t have to drop your pizza all together. You just have to check your security cameras!

2. Where There’s Smoke

You grab a pizza from the freezer and pop it in the oven. Next thing you know, you smell the burning cheese and rush to open the oven door to find smoke. Even worse, you could have forgotten about the pizza all together and went upstairs to finish the laundry - or left the house to run an errand (not advised). Baking that pie may have just put you, your family, and your property at danger of a fire.

The easiest way to prevent a fire from baking is to not leave the oven unattended. For the times that’s not feasible, there’s smoke detectors. It will sense a change in the molecular makeup of the air in the room, and trigger an audible alarm when there’s smoke. You might already have one installed in the vicinity of your kitchen. You’ll want to test the smoke detector regularly so that it continues to function properly. If you’re looking for a smoke detector that will contact a central station in Indianapolis to get firefighters to your house in the case of an unattended fire, you’ll want to consider a monitored smoke alarm.

3. Food Amnesia

If you’re like me, you forget about anything else that’s happening while you’re taking a bite of heavenly melted cheese and perfectly baked crust. And, if you’re watching a movie or a game, your senses are drowned out by the action. In this blissful state, you might not realize that the lights in the other rooms of the house are still on, that the exterior doors aren’t all locked, that the thermostat is set to a high temperature.

With home automation, you can connect your lighting, your locks, and your thermostat to an app that makes sure you’re not wasting energy and are safe. The Total Connect app for example allows you to control lights, locks, and temperature right from your smartphone. It also provides you with the option to set up event triggers based on the time of day. Total Connect can even sync with your security cameras to send you an alert with a video clip when movement is detected near doors and windows.

Now that you can eat your favorite food safely, find out what other updates Indy residents need to make to their security system. Take this quick assessment.