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How Many Smoke Detectors Does Your Indy Home Need?


According to the National Fire Protection Association, homes in Indianapolis should have a smoke alarm on every level (including the basement), in every bedroom, and in the hallways outside any sleeping areas. So if you have a 2 story house with 3 bedrooms, you need at least 5 smoke alarms. For a more accurate estimate of how many smoke detectors your Indy home needs, take this home security assessment.


How Many Smoke Detectors In Indianapolis Does Your Home Need?


Did you know? Between 2007-2011, only half of reported home fires had functioning smoke alarms. It’s not enough to have an adequate number of alarms installed. They must be the right type and continuously tested to keep your family safe.

The Best Type of Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors Indianapolis

Ionization smoke detectors are great at detecting fires that have broken out into flames. But photoelectric smoke detectors can detect a fire when it’s just starting. They respond faster than other detectors because they sense the smouldering stages of a fire. Photoelectric smoke detectors in Indianapolis are more reliable at alarming you to a fire - regardless of what stage it’s in.

If you already have ionization smoke detectors, adding photoelectric ones will help in the early detection of a fire. You’ll also want to consider wireless smoke detectors that are monitored by a central station. This reduces the response time of firefighters and ensures that your loved ones and belongings are protected - whether you’re home or not.

And no matter what type of smoke detector is installed in your Indy home, testing it on a regular basis is key to it functioning properly in an emergency.

How To Test Your Smoke Detector

To make sure that your smoke detector is functioning, the experts at Guardhouse Security recommend testing every detector in your house on a monthly basis. Your smoke detector has a test button. Pressing that button will release the alarm. And pressing it again will silence it. You’ll want to make sure that the alarm is heard from every room in the house. For more tips on how to test your smoke detector, read this article.

If any of your smoke detectors are beeping, you’ll want to take a closer look to see what the issue is. It might be that the batteries need replaced. That’s an easy fix. Or it might be time for a new alarm. Learn about the reasons your smoke detector is beeping.

Find Out How Many Smoke Detectors Your Indy Home Really Needs

Each home in Indianapolis is different. And yours has its own safety and security needs. How many smoke detectors does your Indy home really need? Find out by taking this home security assessment. It will ask you for information on how many levels in your home, how many bedrooms, and more to give you an accurate estimate of how many smoke detectors you need.