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How Not To Fall Victim To Home Security Scams


You may have heard of the unfortunate incident of the home security scammers in the news lately. The Indiana Attorney General is suing them for making illegal pre-recorded calls and for impersonating an ADT home security system’s representative. (Read more on the story here.)

As a security provider in Indianapolis, we’re disappointed to hear that innocent people in our city are being taken advantage of in this way. We offer you our support and some insights so you never fall victim to these scammers.

The security company is scamming you if they:

  • Tell you your current security company has gone out of business
  • Promote a limited-time offer and pressure you to make a quick decision on a long term contract
  • Use scare tactics such as telling you there has been a rash of burglaries in your neighborhood when there hasn’t been
  • Tell you that your current security company was bought out by the salesperson’s company when that’s not the case

If they sound legitimate and you’re interested in their offer, ask for their contact details, their contractor’s license including the number, the registered state, and the name the license is filed under.

How Not To Fall Victim To Home Security Scams

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In addition, the Federal Trade Commission suggests the following steps:

  • Get several bids and compare them
  • Ask the salesperson for references from previous customers
  • Check the fine print for hidden commitments such as monitoring fees
  • Make sure the estimate is in writing, detailing the equipment, the cost, the installer, and who maintains it.

By keeping these tips in mind, you are better prepared to handle a potentially dubious phone call from a pretend security company. We hope you never fall victim to a home security scam.

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