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How NOT To Let Your Big Screen TV Get Stolen During March Madness


While you’re typing at your desk at work, you’re thinking about the great March Madness game you watched last night on your oversized television. As you take your lunch break at Scotty’s downtown, you’re suddenly worried. You’re hoping your big screen TV isn’t missing when you get home to watch the night games.

So, to rest your mind at ease, here are some tips on how not to let your big screen TV get stolen during March Madness.

Don’t Show It Off

Don't Show Off Your Big Screen TV - Indianapolis Home Security

As soon as you got home and hauled the big screen television in, you ripped open the box and assembled what can only be described as the ultimate March Madness viewing device. Once it was unpacked and perfectly enthroned in the living room, you weren’t sure which to do first: take a selfie with it or take the pile of cardboard and foam out to the sidewalk.

Just like with your Christmas presents, you’ll want to keep a low profile about your new acquisition. Don’t leave the empty box at the curb to advertise that you just made a big purchase. It’s best to break down the box and dispose of it in garbage bags or bring it directly to your local recycling center.

As to that selfie you were about to post online, you’ll want to consider not including location information. You might not want to post at all since geographical information is already encrypted in the image you upload, leading thieves right to your doorstep.

Install Wireless Indoor Theft Prevention Sensors

Wireless Indoor Theft Prevention Sensors - Indianapolis Home Security

To prevent someone like your housekeeper, the nanny, a contractor, or even a guest from walking off with the television, we recommend installing wireless indoor theft prevention sensors.

The 5870API sensors from Honeywell work with your security system, protecting your valuables even if your alarm panel is disarmed. This is convenient especially if you have a situation where contractors are coming in and out of the house and you want to be notified when an asset like your TV is moved.

Easily affixed to the back of your TV, these wireless sensors discreetly notify you if an attempt was made to move or disturb the TV. The notification can be a chime at the keypad, a call from the central station, or - if you have remote services such as Total Connect hooked up to your security system - a text or an email message.

Set Up Video Cameras

Even if you never left a trace of cardboard on the curb - and installed a wireless sensor on the TV, a burglar could still break in and steal this seasonal love of your life. You can catch the thief in the act by setting up video cameras in calculated places around the house.

When it comes to video cameras, there are some choices to be made: wired or wireless, dome or bullet, indoor or outdoor. For a recommendation that best fits your house in Indiana, take this home security assessment.

Once you have video cameras set up, you’ll have eyes on your precious TV 24/7. You can even take monitoring a step further by setting up video alerts if the cameras detect movement in its vicinity.

Now that we’ve protected it, you can enjoy cheering your favorite Indiana college basketball team on your big screen TV - without worrying about it being stolen. To find out what else your Indianapolis home needs to be completely secure, take this quick assessment.