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How To Add Users To Your Total Connect App In Less Than 5 Minutes


You may have just installed a new security system. And, you’re wondering how you can add your spouse as a user on the Total Connect app. Maybe, you just hired a new employee who needs access to the control panel. And, you have no idea where that informational brochure your security tech gave you is.

Not to worry. Here is a step by step guide to how to add users to your Total Connect app in less than 5 minutes.

Once you’ve logged into the Honeywell Total Connect dashboard:

1. Select the add users option

2. Fill in their username, password, first name, and last name

Tip: For a strong password, use a random password generator (like this one:

3. If you want them to be an administrator, check that box. They’ll be able to add and delete users. If you want them to enter their user code to arm or disarm the security system, check the “prompt for user code” box.

4. Add either text message or email notification information in the next tab (both are recommended).

5. Enter the user number assigned for the user. This is the control panel user number used for email and event logs. It will display the user’s first and last name when the system is armed/disarmed.

6. Grant access to system devices by checking the desired boxes in the next tab.

7. Click save. And, you’re done!

How To Add Users To Your Total Connect App In Less Than 5 Minutes

Don’t forget: click to synchronize user data between the panel and Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services.

Some control panels such as the LYNX Plus (L3000) and the LYNX Touch (L5000) do not support synchronizing users. Consult with your security provider for more information on how to add users to your remote services solution. You could even request another copy of the instructions to your security system if you had lost it in the first place.

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