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How To Amp Up Your Music Experience With Sonos


An amplifier increases the power of the audio signal going to the speakers and splits it equally between both the right and left speaker to maximize volume. This makes amps perfect for home theater systems. And when it comes to surround sound systems, Sonos speakers and the Sonos CONNECT:AMP are what music lovers in Indy are raving about.


Sonos is known for making high-quality wireless speakers. And when you want an amplifier that can handle premium sound, Sonos is the way to go.

The CONNECT:AMP from Sonos is the best amplifier in Indy. That’s according to its 4.5 stars rating from 800+ reviews.

How To Amp Up Your Music Experience With Sonos

The CONNECT:AMP is a built-in digital amplifier that powers most household speakers with 55W per channel. It means you can turn any speakers—bookshelf, floor-standing, outdoor, or in-ceiling—into a Sonos Wireless HiFi system.

This powerful amplifier is energy efficient, small, and lightweight. It operates silently so that the only thing you hear is the music. That’s because the Sonos CONNECT:AMP uses aluminum casing to stay cool rather than a noisy fan.

How To Use The Sonos CONNECT:AMP

When you have wireless speakers set up in each room, the CONNECT:AMP controls the tone and volume for each room. It optimizes sound performance for each room including balance, loudness, treble, and bass, And the amp gives you control over volume right from your smartphone.

If you add a subwoofer like this SUB from Sonos, the CONNECT:AMP automatically sends the high frequencies to the speaker and the low frequencies to the subwoofer.

How To Get The Sonos CONNECT:AMP In Indianapolis

Guardhouse Security is the official dealer of Sonos in Indianapolis. We’re experienced in installing audio visual systems as they follow a similar setup to our home security systems. And we’re excited to bring you audiophile-quality sound with Sonos. If you’re interested in learning more about Sonos, call us at 317.245.8062 today!