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How To Prevent Car Theft From Your Own Driveway In Indianapolis


Did you know? Indianapolis sees an increase in car thefts from driveways every year when the weather gets cold. That’s because residents are tempted to start the car and let it warm up a few minutes before heading out to work. They don’t realize that thieves are canvassing their neighborhood for the chance to steal an unlocked car with the keys in it.

How To Prevent Car Theft For Your Own Driveway In Indianapolis

Here are three ways to prevent car theft from your own driveway in Indianapolis:

Remote Starter

During the cold Indy winters, remote starters give you the convenience of starting your car without leaving your home. And your car remains locked!

You can purchase a kit from an auto parts store and have it installed in your car. With a remote starting device on your keychain, warming your car up is as easy as pressing a button. And since it’s locked, a thief will be deterred from driving away with your vehicle.

Security Cameras

Security cameras can work to both prevent crime and prove it. If your first instinct is to install a fake security camera for your Indianapolis driveway, think again. Yes, it’s cheap and can be effective in deterring a thief from breaking into your car. But it can be easily detectable, and it doesn’t record any footage that would be helpful in catching the criminal (and recovering your car).

When choosing what kind of outdoor security camera works best for your driveway, consider video quality, coverage area, and remote viewing. Consult with an Indianapolis home security professional about wired or wireless setup and dome or bullet cameras. And if you’re interested in viewing live or recorded video on the go, Honeywell Total Connect is the remote service for you. This way, you can keep an eye on your car at all times - especially when it’s warming up in your driveway.

Vehicle Tracking Device

In the case that your car is actually stolen from your Indy driveway, it pays to have a vehicle tracking device installed in it, like the TCTV2 from Honeywell. A vehicle tracking device plugs into the vehicle and transmits a GPS signal to a remote services app like Total Connect.

You can set a geo-fencing area around your driveway using Total Connect. When the car leaves the driveway, you can receive an email or text message notification to your smartphone. If you’re not in the car, you know to call the police. This also shortens the time for the police to find your car by letting them know the exact GPS coordinates of the vehicle tracker!

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