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How To Secure Your Indy Home This Holiday Season In 3 Ways


Whether you’re hosting or visiting family, securing your Indianapolis home for the holidays is key to a happy and stress-free time. It’s one thing to follow all the steps to ensure no fire breaks out while cooking. But who’s keeping an eye on the rest of the house while you’re eating? And who’s watching the house while you’re out of town? Here are three ways to secure your Indy home this holiday season.

3 Ways To Secure Your Indy Home This Holiday Season

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Security Cameras For Your Indy Home

Exterior security cameras record the movements outside your home. You’ll want to place them in strategic locations such as the front door, the back door, and near windows. When they’re connected to a remote services app like Total Connect, you get alerts on your phone in the case of suspicious activity.

If you’re having packages delivered while you’re away for the holidays, you can watch them as they get dropped off. And you can make sure no one steals them off the porch. If you’re sitting in the dining room eating dinner and hear a strange noise outside, you can check your cameras to make sure it’s not an intruder.

Asset and Vehicle Trackers For Your Cars

Asset and vehicle trackers plug into cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, boats, and more to give you real-time location and alerts. Whether you’re sipping hot chocolate in Indy or opening presents two states over, the asset tracker will let you know if your car ever left the driveway.

Environmental Sensors For Your Indy Home

Environmental sensors let you know when something dangerous is about to damage your house. Carbon monoxide detectors alert you to the release of the lethal gas. Flood sensors sound the alarm on impending water damage. And heat detectors work with smoke detectors to notify you of a rise in temperature - even when smoke or fire are absent.

Connect these environmental sensors to a remote access app like Total Connect and get all these alerts on your phone. This way, you can be proactive about securing your belongings whether you’re building a snowman or watching a holiday movie.

Secure Your Indy Home This Holiday Season

Now that you know how to secure your Indy home this holiday season, want more ways to secure it year round? Take this quick assessment to find out what security items you’re missing. And then contact the home security professionals in Indy at 317.661.4048. Happy Holidays!