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How To Set Up Simple Event Notifications With Honeywell Total Connect


Whether you’ve newly installed a security system or recently decided to take advantage of the remote services, you want to know how to set up event notifications with your Honeywell Total Connect product. Here are the easy steps to receiving an email or text message whenever someone in your household or office disarms the alarm for example.

Before Setting It Up

Choose Users Or Groups For Event Notification With Honeywell Total Connect Security Software

  • Access the Honeywell Total Connect account by logging into from your desktop or tablet. (Programming and setup cannot be done on a smartphone.)
  • Choose between email and/or text message to receive the notification
  • Choose how many and which users or groups of users are to receive the notification
  • Make sure there are no active sessions with the security control panel if you’re setting up notifications for “Sensor Open” or “Sensor Close” conditions
  • Explore the notification categories, becoming familiar with the event types that can trigger notifications. Don’t miss the sub-categories. If you don’t have admin rights, you won’t be able to see the admin category.

Steps For A Simple Notification:

  1. Click on the setup button
  2. Click on the security icon
  3. Choose a type of notification: arming, sensor alarms, sensor open/close, sensor other, system…
  4. Click on “+Notification” to add it. Then, click save

So, if you want to have the system send an email/text notification when someone disarms it, follow these steps:

  1. Click on disarm
  2. Click on “+Notification”
  3. Click on “send to” in the drop down menu
  4. Select a user or a group. Then, click save

Advanced Setup Example:

If you wanted to notify a default group of users of a security system event such as when the heating/cooling system shuts off accidentally (AC loss), follow these steps:

  1. Click the setup icon on the events, rules & notifications bar
  2. Pick an event category (security, video, automation, admin, or timed)
  3. Choose the event (in this case, AC loss) from the security > system event category
  4. Click notification on the right
  5. Enter a subject name for the notification in the info window that appears
  6. Select a user group from the “send to” drop-down menu to notify
  7. Make sure the “enabled” box is checked
  8. Click save

Now, the default group will get an email/text message whenever an AC loss occurs.

If you want to add another user group to be notified, simply click on “notification” again and repeat the steps for all the events that require notifications.

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