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How To Set Up Your Security System To Notify You When Your Child Doesn’t Come Home From School


You’re at work or out for dinner. You can’t meet your kids at the door, but you want to know if they made it home safely after their school activities. Honeywell is your home security solution.

Motion sensors detect someone opening the front door. Security cameras capture video footage of your child entering the house. The security system wirelessly sends the video clips via text or email message. You can view the clips on your smartphone or computer. And, you can go back to typing up that report - or munching on those fries.

For a step-by-step guide to setting up video triggered event notifications like this one using Total Connect, check out this helpful article.

That’s great if your child comes home right after school. But, what if he or she is not back within the usual time slot? Maybe they decided to go to the Castleton Square Mall with friends. Or maybe they’re piling on toppings at their favorite Orange Leaf. Can your security system alert you when your kid isn’t home by 5pm?

How Security System Notifies You If Child Doesn’t Come Home

Honeywell’s Total Connect can do just that. It can send you a notification based on parameters you set up beforehand. All you have to do is highlight the front door area in the Total Connect App. Then, schedule the app to send you a notification with clips at specific times - instead of based on motion. In this case, you’ll want to schedule them for 5pm.

When you receive the video clip, you can view it and find out if your teen is back at the house. If they’re not there, you may choose to either text your child - or wait for the motion sensor notification (if you have one set up) to be triggered when they come home later.

Let your security system do the worrying for you, today - and every day.

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