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How Access Control Helps Indianapolis Businesses


Indianapolis business owners are wising up to security precautions. Installed security alarm systems and video monitoring are becoming the norm, but that might be a mixed bag. While it’s great that more and more Indy businesses are taking security investments seriously, companies that only invest in the most basic security systems may be missing out on the benefits of advanced technology that can add an extra layer of protection and convenience.

Commercial Access Control systems keep Indy businesses safe.

That’s where Commercial Access Control (CAC) from Guardhouse Security comes in. Partnering with Honeywell Security, we’re able to offer commercial access control systems that maximize protection and convenience in a number of ways. Let’s take a look!

Access Control - Protecting Your Business Top to Bottom

CAC systems add an extra layer of protection that most businesses can’t afford to be without. That layer of protection covers nearly every aspect of your business, from your assets to your employees to your customers.

Protecting Your Assets - Access control systems let you know exactly which employees are on the premises at any given time. Like it or not, employee theft is a reality business owners have to face. Knowing when employees come and go can be a safeguard against that. You’ll also know if your business is understaffed at any point in time.

Protecting Your Employees - Your employees’ safety and wellbeing is vital to your success, and an access control system can be a big boost, protecting against issues that you otherwise might not catch. For example, if a required safety officer hadn’t arrived at work one day, or perhaps if an employee is working in a hazardous environment in the workplace that they aren’t properly trained for, a CAC system can make management aware of any such risk factors.

Protecting Your Customers - When customer personal information is collected, CAC systems can help protect that data as well. By being able to customize access levels to certain roles, you can ensure that there are as few risks as possible posed to your customer’s data, and to their trust.

CAC Systems - Customizable, Convenient Control

Leagues beyond older key-based security systems, advanced commercial access control gives your business simple and effective control over your security. For example, changing an employee’s level of access is as simple as making a call or typing a few keys, rather than having to reprogram an entire keycard system or wait for a new one in the mail. Likewise, if a new employee starts or an old one leaves, it’s just as easy to add or remove new personas on a CAC system. 

The customization doesn’t end there, either. If efficiency and productivity in your workplace is a big focus for improvement, access control systems can help monitor traffic on a person-by-person basis to best identify room for improvement.

Want Better Control of Your Business?

Commercial access control isn’t for every company in the Indy area, but they can most definitely benefit to several business owners. Call Guardhouse Security today at 317-662-2075 to find out if a CAC system is the right fit for you.