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Indianapolis Businesses - Protect Your Customers' Information


Credit Card Chip Readers protect Indianapolis customer data

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Effective business security isn’t just about protecting yourself, your employees, and your assets. In Indianapolis, the very best business owners make it a priority to protect their customers, keeping in mind both their physical safety as well as their personal information and data that can easily fall into the wrong hands.

While making sure your customers are physically safe is a somewhat straightforward, using systems you’d normally have anyway such as security cameras and smoke detectors - protecting their data and personal information can be murkier to navigate. While Guardhouse Security doesn’t specialize in infosec, we’ve been helping Indianapolis businesses with security for long enough to know how to prevent disasters when it comes to customer information.

So let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to protect customer information in your Indianapolis business.

How You Can Limit Access To Customer Information

Compared to physical assets, electronic assets and data are typically more vulnerable since there are multiple ways to get to them. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to eliminate some of those paths. 

  • Use a dedicated private server. Some Indianapolis small businesses will take the less expensive route of storing business data on a shared server or even a cloud-based server. The latter options come with extra vulnerabilities, including unintended access to your server from outsiders, and if your website is hosted on that server, any information a customer puts into any forms (such as phone numbers, addresses or credit card numbers) could be vulnerable as well.
  • Keep sensitive data “need to know.” Most likely, not everyone at your company will need access to all customer information. In those cases, it’s best for that information to be kept secure. For paper documents, keep them under good old-fashioned lock and key, and for electronic documents ensure that they can only be accessed by authorized users with secure VPN access.
  • Teach employees about data security. Unless you hire them for that specific purpose, your employees don’t need to be Indianapolis’s top infosec experts. However, they should know some of the basic do’s and don’ts of keeping info secure. That includes how to work within your company’s firewall, what sensitive data is able to be recorded and where to store it, and what to look out for in order to prevent phishing or social engineering.

Be Open With Customers About Your Security Procedures

Recently, it’s seemed that we can’t go a few weeks without news of some sort of major security leak, hack or loss of private information. From the nation’s top retail chains to major tech companies, information loss can happen to any business, and people may hesitate to give out their personal information.

Just as important as what you do to keep your customers’ information secure is that they know that those procedures are in place. A simple notice in writing that their personal information is protected can do a lot to earning the trust on which long-lasting customer relationships are built.

Learn About All The Dimensions of Your Business Security

Physical security and info security work hand in hand to keep Indy businesses running as smoothly as possible. Call Guardhouse Security today at 317-602-5777 to learn how you can upgrade your security systems and procedures to cover all your bases.