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Keep Cool In Indy With HVAC Automation


With summer here and record temperatures on their way, your HVAC system is going to get quite the workout. It’s the same thing every year. You want to stay cool and comfortable in your Indy home, but you don’t want your energy bills to skyrocket. Sacrificing comfort to save a few bucks shouldn’t be part of your summer plans.

It’s very easy to overlook your HVAC system. It kicks on and off so many times throughout the day that you often forget about it. And when you forget about it, it can cost you money. An easy, cost effective solution is HVAC automation. With HVAC automation through Honeywell’s Total Connect, you can take back control of your HVAC and save some cold, hard cash in the process.

1. Sync Your HVAC To Your Security System

Using Total Connect App on smartphone

Here’s a scenario you might be able to relate to. You leave your house for the day to go to work or run errands. It’s a hot day and your HVAC is running at full power to cool an empty house. You get your next energy bill and it’s through the roof. Sound familiar?

As a homeowner, the last thing you want to do is waste money. With Honeywell Total Connect you can sync your HVAC to your security system. When you arm and disarm your security system, your thermostat will automatically adjust to an appropriate temperature. So you can take comfort in knowing that when you’re running around Indy, your HVAC won’t be wasting you money.

2. Set A Minimum Temperature On Your Thermostat

Have you ever been sitting inside your house in the middle of summer and still gotten goosebumps? Even when the temperature outside reaches triple digits, your Indy home can be too cold. Honeywell Total Connect allows you to set a minimum temperature on your thermostat. So when your home reaches the right temperature, your HVAC will know when to shut off to save you money and keep you from needing a sweatshirt in July.

3. Utilize The Ceiling Fan

HVACs use a lot of energy to create the cool air for your house. Ceiling fans, on the other hand, use the air already in your house to provide a constant flow of air to keep you cool and comfortable. By using your ceiling fan on cooler summer evenings, you can give your HVAC a much needed break. Just like your HVAC, Honeywell’s Total Connect allows you to sync your ceiling fans to your security system. So while you’re away, your fans won’t be spinning.

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