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Know When Your Children Are Home


Real-Time Security Alerts Make It Easy To Monitor Kids At Home.

If you have older children who are home or driving out and about for the summer while you – or both you and your spouse – work, we understand the feeling you get when you wish you could be in two places at once.  Just because you’re at work doesn’t stop you from being a parent who wants to know what your children are up to, and if they are safe, sound, and where they are supposed to be.

In these instances, a nimble, customizable and responsive security system can be a real friend to Indianapolis-area parents or guardians who can’t be home with their children all the time. Guardhouse features Honeywell Total Connect security systems with Remote Services and Security Real-time Alerts that make it easy to have a second set of eyes at home while you’re away.

Be Totally Connected, Wherever You Are

The Total Connect System monitors motion sensors and remote cameras deployed at home at the front and back door, windows, garage, in areas of the yard – anywhere you’d like to specifically configure security monitoring of your property. Using a simple and intuitive dashboard, you can direct this information to wherever you are, and for whatever device you prefer.

Remote Services That Work With Your Daily Workflow

You work on a computer all day. You travel a lot and are connected at the hip with your tablet. Or you consider your smartphone your “right hand man” at work. Guardhouse makes it easy to access your security system though a downloadable Remote Services app, or by logging in to a web-based interface.  Each gives you complete control of — and ability to view and update – your security system and its preferences.

Real-time Alerts For Milestone Moments And The Rules You Set

Did the kids get home on time? Did someone leave unexpectedly?  Did anyone visit throughout the day? Where, exactly is your second car? What’s going on in the backyard?  These, and other questions – the rules of the road you’ve established with your children for what happens while you are away – can be specified and answered with Security Real-time alerts and Vehicle Tracking. Text and/or video notifications can be automated and wirelessly transmitted to you throughout the day to let you know exactly what’s going on.

If you were home, you could be that extra pair of eyes that would provide the peace of mind in knowing what your children are up to (at least most of the time). Total Connect Systems with Security real-time alerts are the next best thing to being there -- in Indianapolis and the surrounding region.

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