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Do You Know Where Your Employees Are?


Guardhouse Commercial Access Control Answers This Question And More!

Indianapolis business owners already know the inherent value of installed and monitored security systems. Being able to protect assets, deter intruders and respond rapidly to security breaches and threats increases peace of mind, decreases capital losses and provides a layer of external protection that can lower business insurance rates.

But what many business owners don’t often consider are the added advantages of intelligent passive and active security monitoring of employee activity – including employees’ interaction within the business space, and presence on site during established work hours and beyond.

Honeywell Total Connect Systems featuring Commercial Access Control (CAC) from Guardhouse range from the very simple to the very complex based on the specific demands of your unique business environment.  

Here are three considerations many Indianapolis business owners appreciate about employee security monitoring.

Beyond The Time Clock: Security Monitoring for Employees.

It’s not enough to just know when your employees “punch in” and “punch out”, especially if yours is a retail or goods-based business with inventory on the line.  Unexplained or untraceable losses of inventory may be explained more clearly with a comprehensive security system that provides an impartial, documented view of your business operations – before, during and after employee business hours.

Configured To Be A Second Set Of Eyes. Or Third. Or Fourth.

Whether it’s customized access control and monitoring for certain areas of your operation; being able to keep an eye on key processes that happen anywhere on site; or expanding security responsibilities to key members of your staff; today’s security systems are as customizable – and as easy to use – as a smart phone.  In fact, you can access Honeywell Total Connect CAC systems ON your phone, tablet or desktop computer. From anywhere, any time.

It’s For Their Own Good. And For The Good Of The Business.

It’s often said that “the tape doesn’t lie.”  And that might initially meet some resistance internally until you spell out the “why” your company is adding a layer of monitored security.  A system that monitors every aspect of the business operation creates a performance record that is very hard to refute. Ultimately, it’s a benefit your staff will appreciate because… the tape doesn’t lie.

Find Out More About CAC Systems That Are Right For You

Have you thought about what you might need to be alerted to when it comes to your business?  CAC systems allows for configurable alerts, a customizable dashboard, and loads of individualized tools that allow you to create a security posture both you – and your employees – are comfortable with.  At a value that is right-sized to your business.

Learn more about business security options with Guardhouse.