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Security Tips for Multi-Level Indianapolis Homes


Security Tips For Multi-Level Indianapolis Homes

Multi-level Indianapolis homes require greater home security care.

Every Indianapolis home is unique. Each one is built uniquely, they’re decorated uniquely, and the families who live in them are all different. So it makes sense that each home in the Indy area will have its own individual security needs.

One of the factors that play a part in your home’s security needs is its size and layout, including how many stories are in your house. There are certain aspects to multi-level homes that can present challenges to keeping your family and your belongings safe. Use these tips to make sure each floor in your Indy home is secure.

Know Where Your Valuables Should Be

When the most common points of entry for home intrusions are broken down, second floor (or higher) windows account for only 2% of entry points used by home intruders. There are a few reasons for that low statistic: high windows are more difficult to get into, would-be intruders can be easily spotted climbing in, and intruders don’t want to be cornered upstairs if someone comes home.

So it follows that the things you want to keep safest in your home are best kept upstairs. Naturally, children’s bedrooms are usually upstairs, and homeowners should try to keep most valuables upstairs such as safes and lockboxes, or other belongings you need to keep secure.

Don’t Give Home Intruders a Leg-up

Just because only one in 50 home intrusions occur through a second story window doesn’t mean you can disregard them. Be sure to close and lock windows when they’re not in use, just like you would on the ground floor. Moreover, Indianapolis homeowners may unwittingly be giving would-be intruders a leg-up by leaving out various objects to climb. Ladders, picnic tables, kids’ playhouses and more have been used to climb and gain access to unprotected second story windows in cases of home invasion. Try to think like a criminal to make sure you aren’t laying out the welcome mat to intruders.

Ensure Your Indy Home Security System Is Up To the Test

With more space and more points of entry comes an increased workload for a home security system. One important decision to make is where to install motion sensors to maximize coverage. In addition to points of entry, motion sensors are very effective when placed in stairwells since they’re able to canvas a large vertical area, thus covering multiple floors at the same time. Stairwells are also a difficult area for intruders to avoid as they make their way through your home.

If video home surveillance is a priority, multi-level homes will require a higher number of cameras to cover your space, as well as the possibility of different types of security cameras as well to cover your home’s unique layout. Again, making use of stairwells and other intersections of your home can help you maximize coverage while minimizing hardware costs.

Lastly, for large houses, it may be wise to look into installing multiple security keypads in your home. Not only will this make it easier to access your security system in case of an alarm, but by placing a second keypad near the bedroom in addition to the front door, it will serve as a visual reminder to set the alarm every night before bed.

Multi-level Homes Need Multi-level Protection

We won’t lie, bigger houses are more work to maintain, and that goes for keeping them safe and secure as well. Find out if you need to step up your home’s protection with Guardhouse’s free Home Security Assessment, or call 317-602-5777 to talk to a security professional today.