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No Phone Line, No Problem For Home Security


Phone Line Not Needed To Connect A Home Security System.Maybe you just moved into your new house in Indianapolis. Welcome to the neighborhood! Or maybe it was time to drop that landline and save a few bucks. Who can blame you? Either way, you realize that the traditional phone line is not an option to set up a home security system. So, what are your choices at this point? Let me walk you through them.


Just like your cell phone, a cellular alarm system uses wireless digital transmission to send signals to the alarm monitoring station. To transmit the signal, you will most likely need to install additional hardware. Since cellular devices require power to operate, the alarm relies on battery backup for operation during a power outage, usually lasting 4 to 6 hours. Although monitoring this system is generally more expensive than a landline or VOIP system, a cellular security system’s connection is mostly tamperproof. In addition, most remote and interactive services have been designed to work with cellular technology. To learn more about interactive services, read this post on home automation.


You wouldn’t need to upgrade any hardware when connecting to a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone system. Transmitting signals over the Internet, VOIP provides you with a home security system that is feature rich and, usually, more affordable when compared to other phone services. Keep in mind, the alarm system’s signal may be distorted since VOIP providers use voice compression to reduce bandwidth needed. Also, power to the VOIP line depends on power at home. In case of a power outage, the alarm system cannot transmit a signal to the monitoring station.


Using DSL, cable, or Wi-Fi Internet connection, you can connect your home security system to the alarm monitoring station, providing you with remote and interactive services. As you already know from this previous post, your current home security system may require an upgraded panel when using an Internet connection. Unlike the cellular alarm system, it’s easy to cut an Internet cable from the exterior of the house, crippling the system in case of burglary. This is also the case when the power goes out; your Internet service will be down and unable to communicate with the alarm monitoring station.

You won’t know what option is best until you determine your security needs. Here’s a quick assessment to help you get started.