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Overlooked Security Risks for Your Indianapolis Business


Indianapolis business security is about more than just protecting your information.

In the modern business world, the term “business security” has become synonymous with protecting data, identities and other valuable targets from cybercriminals. But even the most seasoned IT security veterans will say that all too often, physical business security is commonly overlooked. For Indianapolis business owners, that’s a risk you can’t afford to take.

Luckily, Guardhouse Security has your back. We’ve put together some of the most often overlooked security concerns, and what you can do to fix the gaps in your security precautions.

Unattended Metal Theft

It’s no secret that prices for certain metals like copper and aluminum have been steadily rising over the years. What’s less widely known is that Indiana ranks in the top quarter of U.S. states for the highest rates of metal theft, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Exposed HVAC and plumbing systems are frequent targets for theft, especially in infrequently-used or vacant properties - like on a job site for a contractor. Not only can these instances of theft cost your business money to replace, but they can contribute to further damage in your building or to your property. 

The Solution: Dedicated security video monitoring. When you protect your assets with video surveillance, you gain the ability to monitor your business and premises 24/7 from your computer, smartphone, or other mobile device. In addition, the mere presence of security cameras has been proven to be a deterrent to would-be thieves. 

Accessing Old IT Equipment

Dumpsters are a thief’s best friend. Across Indiana, businesses mindlessly throw away items that can be the key a criminal needs to disrupt your operations. Tossing older computers, modems or routers, hard drives and storage devices, or any other IT equipment can expose you to harm. Confidential business information, ranging from customer credit card numbers to network passwords can be gleaned from thrown out computer hardware.

The Solution: Educate your staff on proper removal of IT equipment. Run a factory reset or physically destroy hardware that may have stored confidential business or personal information. There are also several Indianapolis electronics recycling facilities that will help you make sure your disposed hardware won’t come back to bite you.

Social Engineering Against Your Business

Social engineering refers to any of a number of methods used by outsiders to gain access to off-limits areas or information. Though more commonly seen in the cyber security world, it most definitely is a threat to physical business security. Some of the more notable methods for social engineering used to dupe employees are:

  • Piggybacking - When someone without the proper credentials trails a legitimate employee through a secure-access door by impersonating another employee.
  • Pretexting - When an outsider tricks an employee into relinquishing information or access to a part of the business with an invented scenario (e.g. a fake exterminator asking for access to every part of your building).

The Solution: Because social engineering is such a broad spectrum of activities, you need a comprehensive plan to combat it. Commercial access control systems for any valuable part of your business can help prevent piggybacking. Video surveillance systems can stop pretexting from occurring. Above all else, making sure your team is well-educated on threats to your business security can help minimize any risks.

Expect The Unexpected

Don’t overlook these risks to your Indianapolis business any more. With help from Guardhouse Security, you can rest assured knowing your people, assets, and information are safe and secure. Call us today at 317-602-5777 to learn about what the steps you can take for peace of mind.