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Keeping our Seniors Safe With A Personal Emergency Response System


Not all technology is directed toward the young. There is a whole new segment of electronic monitoring devices and personal emergency response systems that have been developed to make it possible for seniors to remain independent and safe in their own homes. These devices bring peace of mind to the senior as well as to their loved ones, and they provide security without the cost of full-time care.

One device that Guardhouse commonly installs in Indianapolis is the personal emergency response system or medical alert. It is a hands-free button that can be worn around the wrist, belt, or pendant that provides 24/7/365 access to the EMS, Police, or Fire Department. A wall-mounted help button that links to their security system can be installed and is available when the pendant or wrist band is not being worn.

Another technology that we install is a camera system that provides visual feedback to a caregiver or family member. Camera placement can be personalized for the individual and allows someone to monitor your loved one remotely, freeing you from worry and allowing them a greater feeling of independence. Additionally, door and window sensors can be installed to monitor entrances and exits as well as medicine cabinets. Caregivers can be notified via text message or email when a certain door or cabinet has been opened. Guardhouse can help a client decide which of these devices might be appropriate for their situation. Our goal is independence and safety for seniors who want to remain in their own home.

For more information on personal emergency response systems download the pdf from Honeywell who makes our products for seniors.

Personal Emergency Response Systems.