Product In Focus: 5811 Thin Door/Window Contact Transmitter
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Product In Focus: 5811 Thin Door/Window Contact Transmitter


5811 Thin Door/Window Contact TransmitterOne of the most discreet items of security in your home should be the door and window contact transmitter. You don't need to sacrifice aesthetics and settle for large, obtrusive “block” sensors. As a matter of fact, I recently had a customer that replaced their existing single-hung windows with brand new double-hung windows. A competitor tried to sell them large, out-of-style window sensors. When we showed them our much smaller, thin contact transmitter, they didn't hesitate to choose it.

The Honeywell 5811 is so thin it virtually disappears when installed. At only ¼”, this transmitter's sleek design makes it ideal for applications where aesthetics are important: sliding doors, double-hung windows, and ornate doors and/or windows…Gone are the days of wired sensors and obvious devices. If a burglar so much as tries to crack a window or push into a door, the sensor transmits a signal to your control panel and sets off the alarm, notifying your security provider.

Extremely compact at 2-1/8” H x 1-3/16” W x 5/16” D.

With the included mounting hardware (or double-sided adhesive tape), the 5811 installs easily on doors or windows and provides a single zone of protection. This surface mounted, wireless sensor contains a long-life 3V lithium battery and is protected by a tamper-proof case.

It's compatible with all of Honeywell's 5800 Series wireless receivers and VISTA and LYNX panels, allowing it to be connected to your home automation system. Now, you can receive alerts and notifications right to your smartphone. Learn more about home automation here.

With the Honeywell 5811 contact transmitter, you're getting top-notch peace of mind without alerting the burglar upfront or compromising your decorating style. Whether you're thinking of using this thin contact transmitter as a door contact or a window sensor, you'll want to include it as part of a cohesive security system. Protecting your home takes the right equipment placed in the right places.

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