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Product In Focus: 5808W3 Photoelectric Smoke/Heat Detector (With Built-In Wireless Transmitter)


Photoelectric smoke detectors respond faster than other detectors. They sense the large combustion particles present at the smouldering stage of a fire faster than ionization smoke detectors. They are better fitted for high airflow environments such as a large hallway, making them more reliable for detecting smoke in all stages of a fire. And, one of our favorite products is the 5808W3.

5808W3 Honeywell Photoelectric Smoke/Heat Detector with Built-In Wireless TransmitterPowered by a 3V lithium battery, the Honeywell 5808W3 is a photoelectric smoke/heat detector with a built-in wireless transmitter. The transmitter sends tamper, alarm, and battery condition messages to the system’s receiver. It also features a built-in, fixed temperature heat sensor for fire conditions (if the temperature exceeds 135 degrees) and pre-freeze conditions (if the temperature drops below 41 degrees).

It virtually eliminates nuisance alarms thanks to the smoothing algorithms that account for short-term spikes from dust and smoke.







8.5 oz (without batteries)

Power Source

One 3V CR123A lithium battery

Fixed Temperature Heat Sensor



Improved robust radio frequency field strength is the result of increasing the distance between the detector and receiver without the need for a repeater. Now, you can place this detector further away from the central keypad without needing to install extra equipment in between.

Smoothing algorithms virtually eliminate nuisance alarms as they account for short-term spikes from dust and smoke.

Smart check sends a signal to the control panel when it’s time for the detector to be cleaned. This way, you can clean the detector before it goes into alarm.

Drift compensation automatically adjusts the detector’s sensitivity to eliminate nuisance alarms from long-term dust build-up.

Removable detector cover and chamber top makes it easy for the technician to easily clean the detector chamber without having to disassemble the detector head.

Approved UL listings for residential and commercial applications means the 5808W3 meets both residential and commercial installation requirements.

Additional LED status indicators allow you to identify between alarm or trouble conditions in a snap: green LED light for normal conditions; red LED for abnormal conditions.

Easy-to-install mounting base allows for uneven surfaces, such as stucco. The larger mounting ports accommodate drywall anchors for easy surface mounting.


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