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Why You Should NOT Light Up Fireworks This Summer


Between Independence Day and Labor day, millions of fireworks are sold and lit up in Indiana. And, when those firecrackers light up the sky, you can’t help but look up and enjoy the show.

It’s easy to forget the fire hazard fireworks can be. And, this summer, you and your family might want to reconsider lighting up fireworks in Indy. Here are the reasons why.

You Don’t Have A Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors sense when a fire starts in your house and set off an alarm to alert you. This gives you time to either put the fire out or salvage what you can and escape the flames.

If a firework is accidentally set off in the direction of your house, it may start a fire. Without a smoke detector, you might not know that your house is up in flames until it’s too late. A monitored smoke detector contacts a central station in Indianapolis and gets firefighters out to your home within minutes. This saves you precious time, property, and memories.

If you already have smoke detectors, make sure to test them regularly. Only a properly functioning smoke detector can alert you to a potentially dangerous fire. Don’t wait until the alarm signals that the batteries need to be replaced. Test your smoke detector today!

You Don’t Have A Fire Extinguisher

Whether you’re setting off fireworks from your backyard or from a park, you should have a fire extinguisher handy. A firecracker could hit a patch of dry grass ripe for kindling - or it may not even take off properly. In those instances, a fire extinguisher means a contained fire and a minimal fire hazard.

If there’s not one near you, consider filling up a bucket with sand. You can dump it on the flames and stop them in their tracks.

You Don’t Have A Fire Escape Plan

If a firework ignites a fire in your house - and you or family members are at home - do you know how to act or how to safely exit the house? That’s where a fire escape plan is essential.

Start by going around to all the windows and check that they can be opened easily. In a two story house, you’ll want to make sure there’s an escape ladder near the window.

No matter the size of your house, practice getting out with your eyes closed. This will train you for when visibility is obstructed by smoke. You’ll also want to set up a meeting location down the street that your household knows to go to in case of a fire.

For more tips on putting together a home fire escape plan, consider these 10 must do’s.

You Don’t Have Remote Services

Remote services such as Honeywell’s Total Connect allow you to access - and control - your Z wave enabled lights, locks, security cameras, and more from your smartphone. Total Connect also lets you set up event triggers. For example, if a fire is detected in a corner of your home due to a stray firecracker, you could get a text message notification with a video clip of its exact location.

So, when firefighters get to your house, you can point them to the origin of the fire right away. This also allows you to alert any family members that are at the house so they can extinguish the fire or get out in time.

Now that you’re aware of these four reasons not to light up fireworks this summer, you’re ready to celebrate without worry. And, if you don’t take our advice, we hope that you stay safe out there.

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