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How A Security System Increases Indianapolis Home Value


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Some of the best benefits of a home security system are in what you don’t see. You don’t see the possible intruders who are deterred by your security company sign. You don’t see the peace of mind you give your family by having a security alarm system. And you don’t see the increased home value that comes with having an effective security system.

In our economy, anything you can do to add value to your home is helpful, whether you’re thinking about putting a house on market soon, or even several years down the road. Check out a few of the ways a system from Guardhouse Security of Indianapolis can help you do just that.

Indianapolis Security Systems & Home Value - The Tangibles

When we talk about the tangible benefits to your home value, we refer to the measurable, dollar-by-dollar perks you might see. The first is in your home’s appraisal value. 

Just like the most up-to-date appliances or natural hardwood floors can increase the amount of your home appraisal, so too can a reliable security alarm system. That goes moreso if it’s part of a full home automation system, connected to other home utilities such as your thermostat and HVAC. In fact, Consumer Reports says that home buyers are willing to spend 3 to 5% more on houses with these amenities.

It’s not just in your home’s listing price where you can see the financial value, either. Several home insurance companies, from State Farm to Allstate, offer insurance discounts for homes with connected security systems. Not only are those savings that you can take advantage of while you live in your current home, but they’re also an added incentive to pitch when you’re in the process of selling.

Indy Security Systems & Home Value - The Intangibles

The intangible benefits of a security system as it pertains to your home value are reflected in potential buyers. Some realtors call it “walk-through appeal,” but it goes a little deeper than just the surface appeal of your home.

An installed security system can give home buyers peace of mind in multiple ways. The obvious is that they can imagine feeling safer living in your particular home. An up-to-date security system can also inspire confidence that the wiring in the house is sound, as well as confidence that the previous owner made wise investments in the home.

All of these factors play together in a way that can reduce your home’s time on market as well as increase the potential value in the eyes of any potential buyers.

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Whether putting your home on the market is an endeavor in the near future or farther away, investing in it with additions like a home security system has long-lasting benefits, both visible and invisible. Let’s talk security - call 317-602-5777 today to find a solution that fits your future plans.