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See Your Loved Ones While You’re Away

See Your Loved Ones While You're Away With Security Cameras

You’ve often wanted a way to keep in touch with an elderly parent. Maybe, you’ve wanted to check in on a caretaker of an infirm relative. Now, you can do just that. With Honeywell Total Connect video solutions, you can look-in on your loved ones through video clips on any web-enabled device.

Honeywell’s Total Connect takes advantage of video cameras installed throughout the house and securely streams footage to your phone or computer based on prompts you set up.

Video Cameras

If you haven’t upgraded your security system yet to include video cameras, you may be placing your loved ones and your Indianapolis property at risk of theft. Not only can they help you catch a thief red handed and watch your pets, video cameras can keep an eye on your elderly relatives.

With the right type of video camera installed, you can monitor spaces such as the kitchen, the living room, and the front door.

Remote Access

You can have a camera facing your elderly father, but it won’t be much help if you can’t view the footage while you’re at work. Instead of stressing all day or calling him every hour, Total Connect allows you to see him with a tap of your phone’s screen. You can check to see if he’s up and about in the morning. In the afternoon, you can look in to see if the caretaker you hired is carrying out her duties.

See Your Loved Ones While You're Away With Video Cameras

Event Notifications

What makes Total Connect a must-have is event notifications. You can receive text or email messages with video clips when an activity is triggered. If you want to know when your mom passes through the front door, video cameras with motion sensors can record her and send you the clip to your phone. If you’re expecting someone to stop by to check on her at 2pm, Total Connect will send you a recording of the front door camera a few minutes before and after 2pm.

All of this can be set up using event notifications based on triggers such as motion and time. Find out how to set up simple notifications here.

See your loved one while you’re away. Get peace of mind with Honeywell’s video solutions.

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