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Social Media Safety Tips For Indy Residents


Did you know? When you post a public update to social media, you’re giving away more information than you think. Burglars are taking advantage of information about when you won’t be home to ransack your house. Prevent that from happening to you and your family by following these social media safety tips for Indy residents.

Social Media Safety Tip #1: Don’t Post When You’re Leaving The House

Whether you’re heading to work for the day, to downtown Indianapolis for the night, or out of town for vacation, don’t update your social media profiles. It’s tempting to comment on the morning commute traffic on I-465 on Facebook, or Instagram the food you just ordered at a restaurant on Mass Ave, or tweet about how you’ve missed the beach. But all of these updates put you and your house in jeopardy.

Burglars are keeping track of what you’re sharing on social media. And they’re waiting for you to leave home and give them the cue to break in. So don’t post when you’re leaving your Indy house. Otherwise, you might come back to an empty one.

Social Media Safety Tip #2: Don’t Post How Long You’re Going To Be Out Of Town

It’s just as tempting to tell your Facebook friends that you’re going on vacation for a week. But what you don’t realize is that you’re telling potential burglars the exact window of time your house will be vacant. And if you think that everyone you’re connected to on Facebook is a nice person, think again.

It’s not just your Facebook friends you have to worry about. It’s their friends as well. One way to still post your vacation update without making it public is to set the privacy setting to “friends only”. Better yet, hold off on vacation postings until you come back. Your friends and family will still be jealous of your photos and cool stories when you’re back in Indiana.

Social Media Safety Tip #3: Don’t Post Photos Of Expensive Items

Whether it’s the big screen TV you’ll watch the Superbowl and March Madness on or the smartwatch you got for your birthday, you’re excited to snap a photo and share it with your friends and family.

Before you post a photo of your expensive item and posting it to Instagram, think about who’s seeing it. The photo will have a timestamp and a location. Someone can see this expensive TV or smartwatch on Instagram and assume that you have other expensive items at home that are worth stealing. If you are using Instagram or a similar image sharing social network, consider changing your image or account settings to private.

How To Keep An Eye On Your Home While You’re Away

You can follow all these social media safety tips, but your house can still be at risk of a break-in. The best way to keep an eye on your Indy home while you’re away is security cameras. Find out what your security needs are with this home security assessment.