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The Word Is Out.

We're talking state-of-the-art security from Indianapolis and beyond! We're talking protecting the people and things that are most important to you. We're talking world-class monitoring protection. We're talking real-world systems and service. We're talking real-world pricing. Better yet, you don't have to take our word for it; we'll let some satisfied Guardhouse customers do the talking for us!

Left QuoteWe chose Guardhouse for the security setup in our home. Since they're a local company, it gave us comfort knowing that we'd get the service that some of the large providers couldn't possibly offer. Our technician, Jim, was able to customize a system specifically for our home and the needs of my family. Basically, it provides us with the peace of mind we really wanted and needed. Since the first installation, Jim has been out numerous times to answer my questions and add some new features to our setup.

We've been with them now for over five years and couldn't be more pleased with the level of customer service we receive.

Thanks Jim!Right Quote

Mark Dubec - Mark Dubec Fishers

Left QuoteI chose Guardhouse to secure our new office location at Keystone Crossing after an exhaustive review of offerings from all the big-name security providers around town. Most of the solutions we were given were designed to what they thought we needed. And there were a lot of sneaky add-ons that were going to cost us an arm and a leg.

Guardhouse was the only company to explore and customize a solution for us that fit our simple needs. The installation was quick and our entire staff was trained to use the system in a matter of minutes. Our favorite feature is the online access for the system. It's reassuring to get an email alert that the alarm was in fact set at the end of the day! I've even been able to set the alarm from home when an employee forgot to over the weekend. What a relief.Right Quote

George Evans - George Evans Indianapolis business professional

Left QuoteMy wife and I have used Guardhouse Security in our last two homes over the past twelve years. The cost of the equipment and service is far less than the value we feel like we receive from them. The installation was simple and the installation tech was so helpful with all of my wife's questions. Even more importantly, it's a stress-free system for both of us to operate. And we feel good that our animals are safe with the fire and smoke monitoring when we're not there. Still can't believe that is included in the price. A good deal all around.Right Quote

- Mike C. Indianapolis

Left QuoteMy husband and I moved to a condo last December and we chose Guardhouse Security because they were so responsive. Their professional technicians were courteous and knowledgeable. Their price and features beat the larger companies (we had ADT at our previous address). The business is locally-owned which is also a plus. I have since recommended Guardhouse to friends and neighbors and will continue to do so.Right Quote

- Jennifer Blattler Indianapolis

Left QuoteWe have a whole house security system with door and motion sensors. We also have an alarm tied to our sump and we are monitored wirelessly. We switched from our previous alarm company due to poor service and multiple problems that recurred! We love Guardhouse, have had no problems and have recommended them to our friends, work acquaintances, and family. Plan to keep this company for a long time. Feel confident that we are well monitored and safe!Right Quote

- V. Eckert Indianapolis

Left QuoteMike and Jim were both extremely knowledgeable and helpful during the entire process of acquiring our new home security system. My wife and I had discussed getting a system since purchasing our home in 2009, and had done our share of research. Several companies were considered, including some of the most advertised brands, but after careful consideration, Guardhouse was our winner. They offered us the personal and prompt attention that we always look for when choosing a local vendor over a national chain. However, we appreciate the strength and responsiveness of their call center, which so far has delivered even faster response times than the ‘other’ company promised. The equipment installation was simple and quick, and the touch-pad main panel is very easy to operate.

I would highly recommend Mike, Jim and Guardhouse as an excellent choice if you are considering a home security system.Right Quote

- S. Kleeman Indianapolis

Left QuoteAfter interviewing a total of 5 different installing/monitoring security system companies, it was refreshing to meet with Mike and get an honest, no-nonsense sales pitch. Guardhouse offered comparable, if not the same, quality equipment as others but at very competitive prices. Both Mike and Jim were here during the install which was reassuring and explained everything to great detail and patience. So, don't delay, use Guardhouse for your security needs...you'll be glad you did.Right Quote

- G. Iturregui Carmel

Left QuoteI was very pleased with the service and installation. I am also pleased with the ease of use and local coverage. I will recommend this to my friends.Right Quote

- Peggy Sabens Indianapolis

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