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The Pet Security Camera Is Here (& How It Can Save You Hours Of Stress)


If your pet is anything like mine, they have become part of the family. And, if you’re anything like me, you worry when you leave them behind during a long work day, the occasional business trip, or the weekend getaway. With Honeywell Total Connect video solutions, you can see your pets while you’re away.

Any time you want, from almost anywhere, you can check on your pet by viewing video clips on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. So, if you hired a pet sitter to walk your dog, you can look-in and watch as that person arrives at your home. You can view videos of when the walker returns too. Maybe you just asked the teenager next door to feed and play with your pet while you’re out on vacation. You can make sure they’re showing up and that your pet is happy and safe.

Check On The Dog Walker With The Pet Security Camera

If they promised to take the dog out for a walk at 9am, you can set up an event notification. This way, you can receive a photo or video clip at that time to see that your dog is taken care of.

Look In On Your Pets While Your Away With A Security CameraYou know how your pet gets when they’re left alone longer than usual. Cats and dogs that are left inside become destructive, topple the garbage can, or eat harmful objects including indoor plants. What if they clog a pipe or cause an appliance to malfunction? With a camera or two, you can monitor such behavior from your smartphone and call a friend or neighbor to take care of them.

When your furry (or not so furry) friend means so much to you, wouldn’t you want to keep an eye on them while you’re away? And, when you know that the remedy to your leaving-my-pet-at-home stress is as simple as setting up the Honeywell Total Connect video solution, you’ll be amazed at how much mischief (and entertainment) you’ll catch on tape.

As always, the kind and number of pets you have impacts how many cameras should be installed and the type of video solution that fits your home. To find out if the Honeywell Total Connect video solution is right for you and your family, take this quick home security assessment.