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5 Things To Do Before Heading Out To A Baseball Game


Leaving your Indy home to root for your favorite baseball team is a fun summer experience. And, when you’re sitting in the bleachers, the only things you want to focus on are the game and the conversation. You’re not there to worry about whether you locked all the doors and turned off all the lights. So, before you head out to watch the Indianapolis Indians or your local school team, consider doing the following 5 things to keep your home safe and secure.

5 Things To Do Before Heading Out For A Baseball Game

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Lock Your Doors

Locking the front door might be easy to remember. But what about all the other external doors? Before you head out, go to every door and check that they are locked. Locked doors are the easiest hamper for thieves trying to break in.

The fastest way to lock all the doors? Use a home automation app that connects Z-wave enabled locks. An app like Total Connect can automatically lock all the doors when the front door is locked.

Turn Off Your Lights

Leaving the lights on during the few hours you’re out can waste a lot of energy - and cost you money on your power bills. Shutting off the unused lights in every room before you leave helps negate this. You’ll want to keep at least one external and one internal light on to give the appearance that you’re home. This way burglars are more likely to stay away.

A remote services app like Total Connect allows you to turn off your Z-wave enabled lights from your phone. It can also turn the lights off automatically when set up.

Adjust The Thermostat

Your air conditioner continues to run after you’re gone to maintain the exact temperature you set the thermostat to. Based on the day, you’ll want to adjust it either up or down to be close to the outside temperature.

A home automation app can adjust the thermostat automatically for optimal temperature inside the house while running the AC for a minimum amount of time. This saves you money on your energy bills and ensures your appliances aren’t overworked. Overworked appliances tend to malfunction and cause fires.

Test The Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors sense a change in the temperature and gas composition and set off an alarm that a fire has been unleashed. In order for them to function properly, you need to test every smoke detector regularly. Here’s how to test your smoke detector.

Before you leave for the baseball game, test your smoke alarms. If they need new batteries, replace them. Testing the smoke alarm ensures that an audible alarm goes off. And, if you’re not around to hear it, you need a monitored smoke alarm.

5 Things To Do Before Heading Out To A Baseball Game

photo credit: IMGP2132 via photopin (license)

Arm The Security System

On your way out, don’t forget to punch in your code in the control panel to arm the security system. Once armed, the security system is ready to detect movement in the house. And, it can notify a local central station in case an intruder enters.

With a remote services app, you can arm the security system from your smartphone while sitting on the bleachers. Add to that home automation, and an app like Total Connect can arm the security system the moment you step out the door.

Now, your home is safe and secure while you’re away. To find out what your Indianapolis home needs to be completely secure, take this quick assessment.