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3 Things Indy Dads Do To Keep Their Homes Safe

Three Things Indy Dads To Keep Their Homes Safe

photo credit: Father and Son via photopin (license)

From the moment you held your little one in your hands, you knew you’d do anything to keep them safe. As the dad, you took it upon yourself to explain the dangers of playing with an electric outlet. You told them not to open the door to strangers. And, when they were old enough, maybe you even taught them how to arm and disarm the security system.

When it comes to setting up devices to keep your family safe at your Indy home, you know (and probably already have) the best security systems and their complementary devices out there. And, to increase your sense of safety, you want to know what three things you can do to protect the ones you love and your belongings.

Here are 3 things Indy dads like you do to keep their home safe:

Set Up Environmental Sensors 

With fires, the quicker an outbreak is detected, the better the chances you have at preventing major damage to your house and loved ones. Working alongside a smoke detector, a heat detector senses a fire before it reaches the height of destruction.

As you may already know, most carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning house fatalities are due to heating systems, engine power tools, and fuels from charcoal grills. Dubbed the silent killer, CO gas is odorless and can reach fatal levels fast. That’s why dads need carbon monoxide detectors - so that you and your family are warned of a potentially deadly rise in the gas.

No matter where you live or how old your house is, all homes are prone to flooding. And, water leaks can be costly if they aren't detected fast enough. Flood sensors prevent major water damage by alerting you to a small leak.

Use Home Automation

When you lay your head on the pillow after tucking the kids in, you don’t want to get up again to check if all the exterior doors are locked. That’s where home automation comes in.

Apps such as Honeywell’s Total Connect allow you to set up event triggers. You can tell your security system to lock up the house between 11pm and 5am. This functionality requires Z-wave enabled locks on the doors.

A home automation app would also allow you to arm the security system from your phone - and on a schedule. This way, you won’t have to get up to punch in your code into the control panel in the middle of the night.

Install Geo Fencing Trackers

Vehicle trackers are perfect for passenger cars and light trucks built after 1996. It notifies you by text or email of many things including vehicle location and location history. If the car is stolen, you can be track exactly where it is. If your teen is driving and car goes over the speed limit, you can be notified. This gives you the opportunity to discuss safe driving with your child.

There’s also a tracker for assets such as boats, jet skis, ATVs, trailers RVs, motorcycles, and classic cars. With real-time alerts, the Honeywell asset tracker alerts you when any of these items are moved outside the predetermined geo-fenced area. This comes in handy especially if these assets are at a beach or vacation house - where you can’t keep an eye on them in person.

Now that you’re aware of these 3 safety tips, find out what other updates Indy dads can make to their security systems. Take this quick assessment.