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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Honeywell’s Home Automation Solutions


I have to admit. Home automation is one of my favorite features of the Honeywell security system products. Since it allows for remote access, you can now actively see and feel the impact of having an advanced security system protecting your home. Connecting your daily needs with your most basic security needs brings a newfound appreciation of the technology available.

 Honeywell's Home Automation Solutions

Maybe you have home automation set up. Or maybe you’re only just researching the advantages of a Honeywell home automation solution. Either way, here are three things you may have not known about it.

4G Capabilities

Honeywell’s security system functions on a speedy communications system. It links your alarm system to the central station to maintain proper functions 24/7. The 4G connection is fully encrypted and highly secure so you never worry about privacy.

Honeywell keeps pace with the changes in the mobile services industry and your demand for speed and performance. Recognizing 4G as the gold standard for communication, we can put it to work protecting your family as a dependable, innovative alarm signal transport method.

Since you (like most Americans) have abandoned traditional phone lines entirely, security systems have had to adjust. 4G alarm communications provide excellent security for homes and businesses with a) mobile phone only, b) landlines, or c) Voice over IP (VoIP) digital telephone service.

Video Event Triggers

You already know that you can connect your security camera to your mobile phone or web management application through Honeywell’s TotalConnect solution. This way, you can check in on children, elderly relatives and pets while you’re away. But, what you probably didn’t know is that you can set up video event triggers to efficiently monitor activity in your home.

By setting up time and motion-based notifications, you can be alerted in real-time to events such as:

  • the kids arriving home from school
  • someone accessing a hazardous or off-limits area
  • the pet sitter arriving
  • a pet nears the pool
  • an elderly relative eating breakfast and taking their medication

Don’t think TotalConnect is just for the home. It actually integrates perfectly with your office, retail store, or restaurant security system too. In addition to looking in on sensitive or restricted areas and making sure employees and assets are safe, you can program specific event triggers so that you only view surveillance footage for the opening and closing business hours or if someone attempts to break in.

Environmental Event Triggers

With systems like the Lynx Touch, Z-Wave enabled devices allow you centralized control of your thermostat, lights, and locks at your fingertips. Not only can you control these things from your smartphone, but you can also set up automatic changes based on your previous patterns.

You can have the system decrease the temperature in the house between 12am and 5am to conserve power while you sleep. The system can be programmed to turn on the exterior lights after 6pm - or when the camera or sensor detects motion - so that you can walk up to a well-lit front door. And, my favorite feature is knowing that the house is secure since I set the event trigger to lock up all the doors when I lock the main door before bed.

These home automation solutions from Honeywell beautifully integrate advanced technology and much-needed efficiency to bring you peace of mind whether you’re home or at the office. Find out what home automation system is best for your needs with this quick home security assessment.

Note that every home automation system is unique per provider, model, and area of service. Please consult your security system provider for more information on the home automation solutions available for your home.