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3 Ways Home Automation Helps The Environment


Homeowners in Indianapolis are taking advantage of home automation - especially through their security system. This spring, you can help the environment while reducing your energy bills. Here are three ways to get the most out of your home automation system.

3 Ways Home Automation Helps The Environment: Auto Adjust The Thermostat

1. Auto Adjust The Thermostat

You know the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night sweating because someone forgot to turn down the heat when they went to bed. With home automation, the thermostat adjusts the temperature to the levels you preset. At night, your security system controls your heating and cooling and drops the temperature to 68. If you’re home during the day, it will turn it up to 74.

You can even remotely control the thermostat from your bedroom. Too cold to walk down stairs and adjust the temperature? Pull up the home automation app on your smartphone (see Total Connect) and turn up the temperature from under the covers.

Now, you are running the furnace and cooling system more efficiently with home automation. You’ll be using less fuel, electricity, and gas. This means you’re saving energy - and money!

2. Auto Adjust The Lighting/ Dimming

If you’re like me, you might forget to turn off the basement lights when you’re carrying up your load of fresh laundry. Don’t waste electricity all day by leaving any of your house lights on. Your security system can turn the lights off based on preset conditions. It can turn them off if they have been running more than 2 hours. It can turn them off after midnight when you’re supposed to be in bed. It can even turn them off if there’s no motion detected in the past 30 minutes!

Your home automation system can also dim the lights based on time and motion. This allows you to enjoy a cozy atmosphere without spending much energy. If you have remote services set up, you can access the Z wave enabled lights from your smartphone and set the mood with a tap of a button.

3. Set Up Motion Sensors & Power Timers

Motion sensors allow the security system to detect if someone is in a certain room. If no one is in the room, a security system as smart at Honeywell’s Total Connect uses home automation to turn off the lights, decrease the temperature, and even lock the doors.

Outdoor lights use less energy if they too use a motion detector and a power timer. You don’t want the light in your driveway to be on during the day. You may want one light on all night. At the same time, you can have the walkway illuminated the moment you step onto the concrete steps to the front door of your Indianapolis house.

To learn more about ways to make your house more energy efficient, check out this article.

Now, your home is helping the environment – and your wallet. To find out what home automation and security system fits your Indianapolis home needs, take this quick assessment.