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3 Ways Snow Affects Home Security


When the weather gets cold, and snow falls to the ground, home security might not be the first thing on your mind. You’re worried about insulating your windows, finding your heavy duty boots, and crossing your fingers that your car’s tires are in good enough condition. Once you’ve done all of these, take a moment to think about how your home security may be vulnerable this winter.

Here’s three ways snow affects home security:

1. Blocked Camera View

3 Ways Snow Affects Home Security: Blocked Camera View

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You thought it wise to set up security cameras around the perimeter of your house. And, you were right to do so to monitor any potential burglaries. But, if you placed the cameras without any shelter, the falling snow will accumulate and block the view. This renders any recording unhelpful in catching a thief.

Even if your camera is weatherproof rated or weather resistant, I recommend that you position it in a sheltered location. This way, the lens is protected from rain and snow, conserving image clarity. You’ll want to mount the camera underneath an eaves or a similar structure for the best protection from adverse weather conditions.

2. Stolen Cars

3 Ways Snow Affects Home Security: Stolen Cars

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As a savvy car owner, you give your vehicle a few minutes to warm up so that the fluids and brakes can function properly in temperatures approaching or dipping below freezing. But, since it’s so cold outside, you rush back inside as soon as you’ve turned on the heat in the car. And, as it sits idling in the driveway, you finish up your morning routine.

You’ve left your car running with the keys inside. What you don’t realize is that thieves know that you’re going to do exactly that. In a quick minute or two, they’ll be driving off with your sedan, and you’ll have no way to get to work.

Several cars have been stolen around Indianapolis recently due to owners leaving them to idle in the driveway. WTHR reports on the increasing incidents in this article.

What you can do to avoid this is sitting in your car while it warms up. Driving it slowly around the block might actually be better for warming up the engine and brakes.

if you don’t have any already, you should invest in external security cameras to catch the thieves in action - and have a better chance of recovering your stolen vehicle.

3. Flooded Basements

3 Ways Snow Affects Home Security: Flooded Basements

When the temperature drops, the pipes leading water toward and away from your house are at risk of freezing. If the area where the pipe dumps the water is obstructed by leaves and debris from the fall, the pipe to your sump pump might get backed up and freeze as snow falls. This may cause the pipes to burst and flood into the basement.

The first step is to make sure that the external pipes are clear. Then, install sensors to detect flooding at its first signs. Flood sensors can alert household members with an alarming sound. I recommend Z wave enabled wireless water sensors that are connected to your security system. This way, you can get notifications on your smartphone even when you’re not home. So, you can take action to prevent major damage even when you’re away.

To find out what sensors, security cameras, and home automation options fit your home, take this home security assessment.