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Securely Track Your Indianapolis Commercial Vehicles


Securely Track Your Indianapolis Commercial Vehicles And Assets

Commercial vehicles in Indianapolis benefit from security tracking.

Security precautions for your Indianapolis business are a no-brainer. From video security to alarm systems and beyond, protecting your assets are something that’s always on a business owner’s mind. But what about your assets that are always on the move? How can you maintain the same level of security you have for your office for your vehicles or mobile assets?

The answer is simple. With commercial vehicle and asset tracking from Guardhouse Security, you can rest assured knowing your business’s fleet is just as safe and secure as your home base. Learn how to take your security on the road with these frequently asked questions.

What Does Vehicle and Asset Tracking Do?

Commercial vehicle tracking has come a long way in just a few short years. In addition to relaying on-demand location reports, tracking devices can report speed of travel and check-in times to predetermined locations. You can even set up “geofencing,” which lets you set boundaries in which your vehicles and assets can go.

As part of the Honeywell Total Connect security suite, business owners can check in on any connected tracking devices via a computer or smartphone, as well as set up automated text messages or email alerts to report problems or violations.

What Vehicles Or Assets Should I Track?

The short answer to this question is “anything you want to keep.” A huge number of industries in Indianapolis alone utilize asset tracking. Here a few of the mobile assets that you can keep safe:

  • Passenger vehicles, such as buses, limousines, or emergency response vehicles.
  • Outbound service vehicles like delivery trucks, towing vehicles, or repair vans.
  • High-value asset vehicles, including armored cars or freight trucks.

Tracking doesn’t stop at automobiles, either. Any asset that’s going to be on the move, like heavy machinery being rented out or shipping containers moving long distances can be tracked as well, ensuring you know when shipped products arrive safely and keep track of rented items’ usage.

What Are My Options For Tracking?

Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services currently use three distinct pieces of tracking hardware depending on your needs. 

Total Connect Vehicle Tracker (TCVT2) - The recommended option for most vehicles, the TCVT2 is used specifically with OBD II compliant vehicles (most vehicles made after 1996 are OBD II compliant). Connecting directly to the vehicle’s OBD port, this tracker runs off the vehicle’s internal battery and can even relay diagnostic information to your account.

Total Connect Asset Tracker (TCAT) - The TCAT is recommended for non-OBD II compliant vehicles, such as older automobiles, boats, motorcycles or heavy equipment.

Total Connect Asset Tracker w/ Extended Battery (TCAT-EB) - For non-vehicle assets such as freight containers, this tracker runs on an external battery without the need to connect to any vehicle ports.

Make A Smart Move For Your Moving Pieces

Is now the time to start putting the same care into your vehicles and assets that you put into the rest of your business? If so, we’d love to talk. Call Guardhouse Security of Indianapolis at 317-602-5777 and get in touch with a security professional today.