Using The Internet To Protect Your Home
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Using The Internet To Protect Your Home


When was the last time you got a call on your home phone? Do you even have a home phone? Me neither. For this reason exactly, the face of home security has changed. Homeowners are ditching their home phone lines. They’re trading in traditional home security systems for the more advanced Internet-based alarm systems.

Whether you have an existing system or are interested in installing a security system in your Indianapolis home, let’s find out what an Internet-based system is all about.

By connecting your home security system to the alarm monitoring station via DSL, cable, or Wi-Fi Internet connection, you receive many interactive features. Not only can Internet signals carry more data at greater speeds than a home phone line, but they also allow you to remotely access and interact with the different security features. You can be at work and arm your security system right from your smartphone. Connecting your mobile phone with your security system opens you up to options of home automation.

With home automation, you can control the lights, the thermostat, and the locks with a touch of a button. You can get notifications and alerts from environmental sensors. Even more, footage from video cameras can be viewed in real-time (so you know right away if your elderly parent wandered off).

For more information about home automation with an Internet-based security system, go here.

Internet Based Home Security System Allows Video Monitoring From LaptopNow, I know that this all sounds great. And, in the digital era, you might not even hesitate to get your house hooked up with Internet and safe with a security system. But, before you jump into an Internet-based system, there are some things to consider. Since the Internet cable and the phone line are often located in the same place outside your home, it’s just as easy for the burglar to cut the cable and disconnect your Wi-Fi service. Even something as simple as the power being out can cripple the system as it won’t be able to communicate with the alarm monitoring station. If you’re looking to switch to an Internet connection from your current phone line, you might need to upgrade your current security panel to ensure compatibility.

Using the Internet to protect your home has its advantages and disadvantages – just like any other form of technology. Best of all, it allows you to access, control, and automate functions in your home beyond just the security system. In the end, a smart and secure home makes for a safe and savvy homeowner. Wouldn’t you agree?

To find out if an Internet-based security system fits your security needs, take this quick assessment.

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