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Should I Use A Fake Security Camera For My Indy Home?


A key part of any home security system, security cameras greatly minimize the possibility and occurrence of break-ins and thefts. From Carmel to Greenwood, we’ve noticed that some homeowners are starting to consider fake security cameras, thinking that they’re a cheaper alternative.

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In many cases, fake security cameras or dummy cameras look just like actual security cameras, but they’re not functioning. They work to deter a thief from breaking in. And to be a good deterrent, a fake security camera has to have all the appearances of a real one such as realistic colors, similar shape, and a power light.

Here’s what a fake security can (and cannot) do for you and your Indy home:

It’s Cheap

Compared to the price of a real home security camera, a dummy camera is cheap in the short run. For homeowners on a tight budget, it seems like a great substitute for a security system entirely. The fake camera looks like a real one, simulating the red light and the cords.

It Deters Crime

A petty thief might take one look at the exterior of the house, see the fake security camera, and decide against breaking in. This is great news for you! A cheap device can deter crime. But this dummy camera is only effective at discouraging inexperienced criminals.

It Can Be Easily Detectable

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A missing cord or an unrealistic lens can tip off a trained thief that the camera is fake. If you buy dummy cameras, invest in high quality ones that come with power and video feed lines going back into the house. They have a higher chance of fooling experienced criminals.

It Doesn't Prove Crime

Whether a fake security camera is a cheap one or a high-end one, it’s still not recording the break-in and theft of your home. For a comparable amount of money, you can get a fully functional security camera that records criminal activity from the moment the person steps on your property. This way, you have proof that a crime happened. That’s something you’ll never have with a fake security camera.

Should You Install A Fake Security Camera?

It depends on your personal preference. If your budget only allows for fake security cameras, try to go with ones that look the most realistic. Also, give your local home security provider a call and find out the actual cost of security cameras. You might be able to find a deal that gives you peace of mind whether you live in Avon or Greenfield - or anywhere in between.

If you’re looking to provide real security for yourself and your family, real security cameras are what you need. Find out what your Indianapolis home security needs are by taking this quick assessment.