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Vehicle Tracking Device In Indianapolis Helps Hoosiers Find Their Cars

Vehicle Tracking Indianapolis - TCTV2 Honeywell

Have you uttered the words “dude, where’s my car?” Maybe not those words exactly. But you know that sinking feeling of having no idea where your car is. No matter how many times you retrace your steps, you’re met with hopelessness. Where in Indianapolis did you park your car?

Now there’s an answer! Honeywell’s vehicle tracking device can locate your car with accuracy that makes you forget that feeling of hopelessness once and for all. Learn about vehicle tracking in Indianapolis and this device’s features - and how to use it with a remote service app.

Features Of Honeywell’s Vehicle Tracker

The Honeywell Total Connect Vehicle Tracker (TCTV2) is compatible with most cars, light trucks, and vans manufactured after 1996. It’s small and lightweight so you won’t notice it while you’re driving. The antennas are built internally, giving the vehicle tracker a low profile design.

All you have to do is plug the tracker into the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port. And the TCTV2 will start running diagnostics and reporting its findings. It will collect data on location history, including starts and stops.

Using The Vehicle Tracker With A Remote Services App

The vehicle tracker is transmitting information when plugged into the OBD port. But you need a way to interpret it and take advantage of it. That’s where the Total Connect app comes in.

From your smartphone, you can login to your Total Connect account and locate your vehicle remotely. The tracker communicates its GPS location accurately so that you can find your way back to it - wherever you parked it. This is also handy in case the car is stolen: you can tell the authorities exactly where it is.

You can also customize the geo-fencing feature in Total Connect. You set the geographic area you want to get alerts for. Most homeowners in Indy set this to their garage and driveway area. And when the vehicle leaves the premises, you receive a notification via text or email. If a teenager is sneaking out with it - or a thief managed to break in, the tracker gives you the chance to be proactive about the situation.

There’s My Car!

Whether you’re parked somewhere in Fountain Square, Greenwood, downtown Noblesville - or out of state, you can rest assured that you can track the location of your car. Find out how you can make your car and your Indy home more secure by taking this quick assessment.