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5 Reasons Why Business Security Cameras Are A Smart Idea


Honeywell Dome Security Camera for Business

If you’re a business owner in the greater Indianapolis area, then you are familiar with the persistent, haunting question faced by entrepreneurs and business owners across Indiana and the entire nation.

“What’s going on when I’m not there?”

Now, that doesn’t just mean what are your employees doing while you’re away from the office or warehouse. “Knowing what’s going on” also means you can carefully monitor -- and often protect -- the hard-earned storefront you’ve built and valuable inventory you carry. 

Here are five reasons why Business Security Cameras from Guardhouse Security are a smart idea for Indianapolis business owners.

1.  Business Security Cameras are a permanent, second pair of eyes on your business. (Part 1)

According to a leading annual retail theft survey of large retailers, over 44 billion dollars a year is lost due to shoplifting annually. What’s equally ominous about that statistic is that it doesn’t cover all businesses, and represents only 30 – 40% of businesses total losses due to theft. 

2.  Business Security Cameras are a permanent, second pair of eyes on your business. (Part 2)

That same survey indicated employee and staff theft accounted for between 50 and 60% of all business shrinkage or loss.  Taken together, these two statistics alone are reason enough to at least investigate the installation of a comprehensive business security camera system.

3. An Integrated Business Security System Can Let You Know What’s Happening In Off Hours.

Whether it’s preventing or at the very least, recording and documenting, work site intrusions, or letting you know if employees are accessing your location after hours, 24-hour security cameras can help deter or catch people who aren’t supposed to be there in the first place.

4. Accident Or Worker’s Compensation Claims Can Often Be Validated By Business Security Systems.

Intelligently installed, business security cameras become a record of activity without prejudice—important if safety concerns or accident prevention are part of your business plan.  When you need to get to the bottom of an incident, having a video record can fill in the blanks, if any are present.

5.  Know What’s Going On While You’re Not There, Your Way.

Guardhouse Security features the Honeywell Total Connect system, which is completely configurable to provide video and messaging alerts and updates via a round-the-clock available on-line interface, or via apps you can install on computers, tablets or smartphones.

You’ve worked hard to build your business, but you can’t always be there to monitor your physical site or your employees.  Theft, accidents, vandalism, and worker’s compensation claims are all part of the realities you’ve chosen to face as a business owner.  A business security camera system from Guardhouse can help you not “go it alone.”

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