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Why Crime Prevention Month Should Be Every Month (Not Just October)


If you didn’t know, October is crime prevention month in the United States. This is the opportunity to learn more about your community’s safety issues and how you can help prevent crimes. From school safety to home security to internet safety, the authorities and the police are reactionary; people like you are the ones that prevent crimes. And, this month, we take notice of the different ways we each can contribute to a safe community.

 October Is Crime Prevention Month 


You’re already on track with this prevention method. You’re reading this, aren’t you?

Raising awareness about the need for functioning smoke alarms for example is an easy way to help family members and neighbors avoid fire damage to their property from arson. Watching videos like the ones from Honeywell helps you better understand the products you have. You just might discover that by just having video cameras installed, for instance, you can discourage thieves from entering your home in the first place.

Social Media

While you’re updating your Facebook status or tweeting about the event you’re attending, why not post a security tip? You can easily find one by searching for #SecurityTips in Twitter or Facebook. Not only will you learn something you didn’t know about home security, but you’ll also be sharing your knowledge with your friends and family with just a click.

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Contact Your Security Provider

If you security company is anything like ours, the technicians and customer service representatives are happy to answer any questions you have about your current system. They might even have tips for you to better protect your home and family with the latest technology including security cameras and remote video access. You can also ask for educational material to distribute to your neighbors so that crime can be prevented at that level, too.

Why Not Every Month?

When I think of crime prevention month, I think: why not every month? Learning more about keeping my family safe is a high priority for me. And, I know it is yours, too. Wouldn’t you want to be updated on the latest security tips, the newest technology, the best equipment? I know I would. That’s why I invite you to learn, share, and talk about crime prevention this month - and every month - starting by identifying your own security needs.